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Total and Utter RANDOMNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (my life can be very boring just to let you know.)

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Story me and Cousin wrote (well not wrote but made up)
Ok...We (my cousin and me) were talking in our room, about how it would be awesome if we could be vampires. Then all of a sudden Dracula pops in out of nowhere. So we lead him to my very (notice i said very) sharp piano bench. He about gets stabbed in the heart when his pet vampire cat Fluffy comes out and jumps in front of him saving his masters life...Then Dracula goes and starts sucking my cousins life i punch him and he drops my cousin who starts twitching on the floor because of blood loss and he starts sucking mine! Then an airplane carrying a giant wooden squirrel made of white ashwood for this eccentric person in Europe drops the squirrel landing on Dracula. The squirrel didn't kill him, but when he got up from under the squirrel he got a splinter *in his chest!* Then he says, "Oh crap..." and falls over dead. My cousin starts drawing x's for his eyes when i asked her, "Does this mean that we are vampires?" She said, "I guess so, COOL!" Then she starts doing a dance. Then i start doing a dance and we are both singing, "Woohoo we're vampires! Woohoo!"
Thats it for now folks HE HE!!

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