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Cosplay 4eva
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The girl with cat ears ( 2 chapter so far )
Chapter 1

As she sat in the cage, had nothing but a bra and underwhare on, and looking out the window, she sighed. She was about 16, and wished of a life where she can be free and have romance. She sighed, and tryed to fall asleep on the cold floor of the cage. "Yuki" The man said. He was about 23 and had a back shirt on, and a pare of jeans. Yuki sat up on her neas. "Yes sir?" she tryed to smile. She has been in this cage ever sence she was 10. She was found on the street after she was raped, Kuo helped her out and took her to his home where he treets her like a slave. Yuki has no idea she is being slaved. She also does not rember the rapeing. "I need to leave the house for about a two days, You have to stay in your cage undersstand? "But master..." she said "Ive never leaved the cage before! Dont youtrust me?" Kuo rolled his eyes and picked up his bags. "Wait am i going to eat anything?" yuki asked. " You dont NEED food" he said. "I dont?..." she asked. Kuo Left the house saying nothing else.

She sat there in her cage thinking of how nice it would be to come out of the cage. She sighed oncem more. She looked out the window and saw a bird fly by, thinking of how lucky the bird is and that it can fly. She started to tear up. "I wonder if any other girls have to be locked up like this... Is there even a word for this kind of thing?"

"Yes there is" A voise came ut of nowhere. She soped crying and turned around. "KYAAAA!!! Who are you?" Yuki shouted. "Im the Kyon, the prince of this Kinsa. I have came here to have a meeting with Kuo." Kyon has beautifull eyes and nice hair. "I Want to ask, why are you in only underwhere?" kyon asked. "Ive been like this for 6 years! Master... I mean Kuo told me that nly good girls get clothes!" she tryed not to cry. Kyons face changed. "Wheres kuo right now?" "Hes gone for a couple days..." "Look im going to get you out of here" he said. "WHAT? But master told me i could never leave!!" "Im going to take you out of here if you like it or not!" He pulled her out of her cage and caried her on his shoulders. "Ahhhhh! Its scary! Put me back in!" yuki shouted. "Im going to take you to my home where you will be safe."

Chapter 2

They arived to the car. "What all this green stuff on the ground? And whats the brown long thing with green stuff on it?" yuki asked. Kyon started to drive. " You realy have no idea what that is?" "No i dont... What is it?" "Have you ever been outside?" "Whats outside? Is that like a window?" she said as she sat there. "Well outside is on the other side of your window." "I- It is?" "Sure is!" he said as he smiled. Then yuki looked more out of the car window. "So I will be takeing you to my casle." kyon said happfully. "Whats that?" She asked "Its like a house, but is very biger!" "Wow realy?" her tail started wagging. As they started to drive up to it he pointed. "This will be your new home!" he said. "But what about master?" "The thing about master, is that he is a jerk." "Whats a jerk?" "Its a realy mean person." "How is he mean?" "He just is." ''Oh."

Kyon opened the car door for her. She jumped out of the car and went into the grass. "What is this stuff called?" she asked. She started to play around with it. "Its called grass!" "Whoa" She put some in her mouth."You must get inside the casel!" He put his jacket on her. "O-O-Okay!" They both walked in.

They walked up to kyons room. "This is my room, Your going to stay here!" he said. "I am?" "Yep!" "Whats the pilowing thing?" she pointed. "Thats a bed. Dont you know what that is?" She shook her head. "How do you use it?" "You sleep on it." "REALLY?" She jumped on the bed. "Its so soft!" "Your going to sleep on that tonight, And so am i!" "Wow thats a giant peice of cloth!" "Thats a blanket." "Bl- Bl - Blanket?" "You got it!" "How do you use it?" "You put it on top of you when you sleep!" ''Realy?! Are we gonna use it every night?'' "Sure are!" "YAYY!!!!!" She shouted.

To be continued when i feel like it

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