nce upon a time there was a girl named suzzyt that LOVED apple pie. she loved it sooooooo much that she said " when i grow up im gonna im gonna build an appel city called appplebaloser" and so as tthe years passed she keep that promise. she keept every___cent_______ she had in order to build it. then one day something__________strange___________ happened. she was walking past the locker rooms and a beaver ghost appeared , he said" if you ___________________if u scratch my back then_____ i promise i will hlep u buildapplebaloser." and so she did and for weeks they slaved away on the city. then the day came when Mr. toast pastry___said im tired of being treated like a burnt pice of toast i quite_______________________" but i WILL be back, mwahahaha!". two weeks passed when_____mr. toast pasty came with an army of worms to eat the city appel and started to build a peanut butter and jelly bomb_________________________. He became a bigger dictator than Hitler! and held suzzy captive until she promised to marry him. " oh_____________________ i am so sad, please help me.' then a_________________________ appeared." if u use this____________________________- General toast will be defeated." and so ___________________ came to break her out and she____________________________________