Hey everyone, have any of you been obsessed with somthing? Well pretty much evrybody as so I really don't know why I have just asked that question, now I know why! It was for an introduction, oh I'm porbably going on and on about useless stuff now aren't I? Darn I hate it when that happens . . . oh well. Now the point is that a couple of nights ago I watched the movie RENT. You've all heard of it right? If not, its an amazing movie that was originally a Broadway musical. Its amazing and I really recomend you watch it! But if you hate to have catchy songs stuck in your head then mabey its not for you. But the songs- in my opinion-aren't that bad, you should at least check it out. And please, please don't listen to the song seasons of love and judge the musical by that, try listening to the song 'One song Glory' or 'Goodby love' or both but please give it a try.