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Chapter 4
By the time Kai caught up to Sky, she had already been inside her house. He sighed. I cant knock on the door. What if her parents answer? Then what? I can't get caught dead at a girl's house at 5 a.m., the dad would kill me.
He snapped out of thought when he heard a scream inside of Skylar's house. “What the hell?” Kai said.
Suddenly, Kai moved out of the way into hiding as the door burst open with Sky running out. She was crying. Her dad came out after her throwing her stuff. He went over and pulled her up by her shirt off the ground. “I don't ever want you back at this house again, not until you learn to follow my rules of this house, and not lie.” her father yelled.
He threw her on the ground once again, but this time, her face landed on a rock that was just laying there. Kai stepped out. He couldn't stand to see her like this and went to help her up. “Who the hell do you think you are? Trying to touch my daughter. I think I know who you are. You're that boy my daughter went behind our backs to see. Am I right?”the father asked.
“Actually sir, I was helping your daughter up, since, you know all you can do is throw her on the ground. And, yes sir, I am the guy your daughter has been seeing for the past 7 hours. Not long I know, but since you insist on beating her up all day, I'll take her with me. So, good day sir.” Kai answered.
Kai went to pick Skylar up in his arms and started to walk off with her. Sky's father went after him. “Put my daughter down.”
Kai put Skylar down gently. “So you wanna fight, old man?”
“Sure lets fight. I can beat a little skinny 16-year old kid anytime.” The father said.
“You sure?” Kai asked.
“Positive. Look, if you win, which is highly unlikely, you can take my daughter, but if I win, you gotta give her back, got it?” his dad said.
“Sure, but this is sad, betting on your own daughter. You're such an awful father. I'll win hands down though.” Kai said.
The fight had only lasted five minutes. Kai had accidentally killed Skylar's father. Kai had never really killed anyone before...just knocked them out.
He took Sky in his arms once again and took off as fast as he could before the mother would find her husband dead.
When he got back to his house, he put Skylar down. His hands were full of blood. It was from Skylar's cuts and scratches when her father had beaten her. And his mouth, oh his mouth was full of blood. It tasted so very good. The blood was from Skylar's father. At least he found something to eat. He was starving.
He once again picked up Skylar and took her into his house. “Did you turn her?” his mother asked.
“No,” Kai answered, “ I didn't get the chance. She was already in her house by the time I got there. When I was standing outside the door, I heard a scream. Skylar, that's the girl's name, came bursting through the door. She was crying and her face was all messed up. Her father came out after her, throwing books at her, each one hit her. He picked her up again and threw her back on the ground again after yelling at her. She had landed on a rock and her dad kept yelling at her. I stepped in and he and I fought for her. I, uh, accidentally killed him.”
“Oh dear. Well, she looks she's losing a lot of blood. You better hurry up and turn her before she dies.” the mom said.
“Alrighty then. Let me lay her on the couch then.” Kai said.
Kai turned Skylar's neck and went to take a bite. He heard a knock at the door. “Ugh, what now? Chaos go answer that and make sure they don't come inside. I really don't feel like going to jail right now.” Kai said.
Chaos was already at the door. “Who are you?”
“Move.” it was Skylar's mother.
“Wow. Feisty. Just barge right in why don't ya?” Chaos said as he grabbed her and held her back from the living room.
“Where is my child?” she demanded.
Kai rolled his eyes as he stood up. “She's right here. Don't worry about her. She'll be fine. You're husband did a damage on her.”
“You are the one who killed him! You, why? You're a killer. I should report you to the police.” the mother exclaimed.
Kai sighed. “Chaos, lock and password the door and take her cell phone. She can't tell anyone about what I am going to do.”
The mother looked at him. “What are you going to do to my daughter?”
“Well, I have to put this poison in her that will kill her for one second and then turn her into a vampire.” Kai answered.
“Oh. Well, if it will keep her alive than you may.”
“Good. Now let me do what I have to do. I need you to stay back.” Kai said.
He once again leaned down and bit into her neck. He injected the poison to kill her. The poison went straight into her blood stream and shut down everything. She stopped breathing and he came up. He gave her five minutes to make sure she is actually dead. The mother was horrified at what she saw and started crying. Kai bit her once again to turn her. Skylar started breathing once again. Once he was done, he let the blood run down her neck. He retracted his fangs.
“There,” he said as he cleaned the blood off of his mouth and hands, “The blood needs to run. It's all the human blood and only about a pint of human blood will stay and new blood will form. She will need to stay here until she can control the fact that she is a vampire and won't go after anyone she doesn't want to. Chaos, I need you to go with the mother to get Sky's clothes.”
“Alright,” Chaos let the mother go first, “ That woman is so goddamn insane. What is her problem?”
Kai and his mother both agreed at the fact. “She's just really upset at the fact her husband is dead and her daughter is a vampire, give her time.” Kai's mother answered.
Chaos ran after Skylar's mother. Kai knew that it probably wasn't a good idea to send Chaos. He could scare Sky's brother, literally, or try to eat him. It was probably a better idea to send his mother with Skylar's. That way, she could explain everything a lot better to her mother. Oh well, what's done is done. He looked over at Skylar. She looks so peaceful. I'm she started breathing again. I've never done that before. I had no idea what was going on. Kai thought. “Hey mom, do you think it was a bad idea to send Chaos with Skylar's mom? I mean, for one, it's Chaos, he could end up eating Skylar's little brother. I think you should have gone with. That way you could've explained everything a lot better too.”
“True. But he's probably already there. So what's done is done.” the mother answered.
“Yeah.” Kai said, “Now we just have to wait.”

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