Unbreakable Bond

The moon was high upon the velvet sky as it was covered by a blanket of stars, the wind was blowing lightly as a young girl sat next to a lake that shone like crystals.
She was staring into the moonlight, her beautiful white dress glowed brightly under the moonlight as she gazed down at her clock, her voice soft and gentle, and nothing more but a whisper "oh were are you, I miss you." She stayed there waiting for her one true love to arrive, she missed him for he was the only one that made her heart shine brighter than the sun.
"I am late damn it." There was a great hurry as a young guy raced throe the forest running and panting at the same time looking at the stars hoping she would wait for him.
He arrived as he saw her beauty shine, a sigh of relieve came out of him as he walked close to her and in a low whisper he called out to her "Athena."
Athena looked back and as her eyes started to get misty at the sight of her lover, she gave him a warm smile. Her voice gentle and calm. "Leon I knew you would make it."
she got up and took him into her arms and as if the wind it self was connected with there love, it picked up for every heart beat was fallowed by a whisper of the wind. Leon gazed into her beautiful Sapphire eyes as he gave her a warm smile. "you know I would give up anything to be with you, your my joy, my million reasons for living, with out you in my life I will be dead, and nothing will take you away from me."
Leon gazed at the stars and smiled. "Beautiful aren’t they" Athena said in a low whisper as she looked at him taking him into her arms. Leon returned her gaze and felt his heart start to glow. "but they can't hold a candle to you, my love, you shine brighter than any of those stars, for you put a glow in my darkest days." Athena smiled and leaned in for a kiss, Leon took her into his arms, as he kissed her deeply massaging her tongue with his as he heard Athena Moan.
Both of them shined under the stars and the moon, but out of all the brightest stars in the sky and the light from the moon, nothing shined brighter then the glow inside the hearts of Leon and Athena. There love strong, and was unbreakable.