Romeo, oh, Romeo?
For where art thou, Romeo?
Always in my Heart, My precious Romeo.
Love our Bond.
Laughter our Connection.
Romeo, oh, Romeo!
By my beside, Romeo!
Watch me as I lay asleep.
Making sure my breath I keep.
Romeo, oh, Romeo!
Lite my way through this night!
We escape this night, just us!
Romeo, oh, Romeo!
Hurry Darling! Guards Approach!
Romeo! My Romeo!
Tonight we free our Love!
Run with me! Run!
Through the Fields! Up the Mountains!
Nothing to Hard for our love!
We sleep intertwined in a moonlit Oak's branch.
Wind through your gorgeous locks.
Batting the silver heart 'round my Neck.
A gift from you, My Love.
Never will it leave this Neck!
As long as our Love stands! Never!
Romeo, oh, Romeo!
I Love You! Oh, Romeo!
Futures strung together by this warm windy night!
As long as the wind blows! I will Love you! My Romeo!
Goodnight, my Prince Charming.
Let the morning never take us from this perfect night!
No! Let morning come! So I may wake up each day by your side!
Romeo, oh, Romeo!
How I Love Thee, Romeo!
Our Perfect Fairytale!
Romeo! heart