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Fictional Story
the start of Chapter 1

(Setting) " January/Late winter, Early in the morning an alarm clock is heard followed by a loud thud. This is taking place within our main characters house where he alone takes care of his younger sister. their parents are dead and our main character has became the caretaker of the family. "

As his eyes come in to focus young Katsu puts his arms into the air and stretches (He is 18 years old, 5'8" tall, and has a decent build). Then he jumps up, grabs a towel and goes to the bathroom which is just outside of his bedroom door (Which he atempts to do while on tip-toe). Once inside he starts the shower and begins his morning routine (Getting into the shower and pulling the curtain behind him). Once finished he grabs the towel from within the shower, then to pull the curtain and get out. when he reaches the sink Katsu places another towel which had already been there over his head and drys his hair. when he finishes drying his hair he places the towel back and then reached form some clothes he had set out for himself the previous night. Once he had finished he grabs a comb and begins to part his smooth black hair (Which only came down over his eyes when wet). Then with little rush he put on his school uniform, sock, belt and tie. when he was done with this task he turned and opened the bathroom door. Once again he crossed the hallway, only this time the wood floor had creeked upon on of his steps (putting him in momentary shock). Continuing into his room, he left his door open and plopped himself atop his bed. With a sigh of relief Katsu rummaged around his room collecting a silver ring with a collection of several keys upon it, his bag, i-phone, and his more treasured pair of aviator sun glasses. Before he left his room he sat back again on his bed and pulled out from under them his shoes. he then put them on and set out for the rest of the house. Comming to the second door past his own he quietly opened it and peered within. This room belonged to his younger sister Naru whom was 16. He slowly creeped into the room, (Trying not to make a sound) Once he had reached her bed he tucked her in, for her sheets had almost fallen off due to her restless sleeping. Then with a kiss on her forehead and a smile he turned and left closing her bedroom door behind him ever so quietly. He stopped and took a look at his phone, (in shock) he then looked up and made with haste to the door (grabbing another silver ring with keys all around in). Once outside his house he aproched a car (it was a brand new ford mustang 2012) in the driveway, which he quickly jumped into and started with the keys he had just aquired. He put the car into reverse and hooked his phone up to his stereo. Then while turing the volume of his music up he pulled out the driveway. then he set off into the distance where his tail lights faded into the early morning fog(around two hours before sunrise), and the murmuring sound of skrillex could be heard slowy fading off too.

Thats enough for tonight, i'll continue this story later.

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  • [04/26/12 07:27am]
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