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I Am Real
is this how we choose to heal
when kisses taste like bruises feel
and I miss the place I use to kneel
that hidden space I knew was real
that little child who lived to chase
the one they like to kiss their face
and make them blush because love was playful
now its just rushed and the tongue unfaithful
hung ungrateful the moon can only shine because of the sun
what I find is that I’ve been blinded
by the moves we have inclined, undone
now I know why you hide your hands
why your eyes were never inside mine
why you turn to the side when a man
seeks to learn what’s inside your mind
bless the soul who throws the shell back
once they hear the life has left
how would I know all the years you felt that
door you close, my ears are pressed
my time is spent outside your window
throwing pebbles from the ground
till the day you let me enter
and you say you’ve heard the sound
I am not what your afraid of
I’m the skin you long to feel
I came to stop what you're ashamed of
and to show you I am real

to stand beside you in a space you own
share the vitals in a race you’ve known
spare the idols, dare survival
for your time was never safe at home
you faced alone your reflection
in the dark parts of his eyes
and have known mans imperfections
and have grown to see through lies
and yet you can not see through mine
for there is nothing there to see
that’s why I ask what is this glass you bare
the opposite of me
and I say someday the moon will give up
pretending he’s the sun
and soon you’ll be force to live up
to the day we have begun
and while you're laying on your pillow
wondering how you should feel
Ill be waiting at your window just to show you I am real

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