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Read any of this stuff and tell me what you think please.
Character Name:
Archon Alabaster



Ecruteak City, Johto

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Character Personality:
Archon (Archy for short) is rather reserved at first, but he carries himself with the sort of confidence that nears on smugness and almost seems to goad people on at times. In truth he's an incredible analyst of both people and Pokemon, a master of manipulation with a tendency to exploit every discovered weakness ruthlessly. He's an opportunist to the extreme, taking advantage of whatever opportunities arise, ready to change his plans on a moment's notice if something more lucrative comes along. He dreams of retiring early and buying him and his crew a mansion, living happily on the spoils of his various plunders and cons. While he is a criminal, and will not hesitate to commit theft and the like of material possessions, he values life and refuses to kill. He'll knock 'em out and take all their money then sleep like a baby at night, but he can't stomach heavier work. He and his "crew" aren't too adept at actual battling- their skills tend to specialize more heavily on conning, thieving, burglary, etc. But he values, trusts and respects his team only- other people are met with distrust and condescension at best, outright hostility at worst.

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Haunter, named "Mephisto," male

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Ariados, named "Aryelle," ("Ary" for short), female

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Snorlax, named "Summit," male

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Charizard, named "Ozzy," male

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Mantine, named "Maria," female

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Swalot, named "Geralt," male

Team Personality:

Mephisto is like Archon in that he trusts no one, save the members of the team. He's quick to judge, quick to anger, and has a mean streak almost a mile wide; however, he only wrongs those who wrong him or his team, and never acts purely out of malice. Revenge is perfectly fine, though. He trusts and respects Archon completely, and would give anything to protect him, and anyone else on the team.

Aryelle is an actress, easily capable of going from coy, innocent little lost spider to scary-as-hell creature from the darkest pits of hell's own nightmares in seconds. In truth, she's quite a sweet creature- she does, however, revel in the performance, and sometimes loses herself to the act and has to be snapped out of it. That sweetness and compassion quickly becomes a firing rage machine of untold death and destruction when her team is threatened, however- if you harm them, she will hunt you down across the entirety of creation for the sole purpose of making the last few moments of your life a miserable hell.

Summit is rather atypical for a Snorlax, in that rather than immediately fall asleep after its immense hunger is sated, Summit would rather go for a walk. He's quite active, although his rather rotund stature causes some minor problems in some aspects of his fondness for activity; for example, he's never left a swingset or trampoline he's ever seen in one piece. Aside from his occasional habit for wanton destruction and thick-headed obliviousness, Summit has a heart of gold and unwavering loyalty to Archy and the group.

Ozzy is bold to the point of brashness, always trying to start a fight... And always ready to end it. He's stubborn to the point of being bullheaded, but he's smart enough to know when he's lost and when to stop. His pride might keep him fighting past that point, though, and his loyalty to Archon and the group is boundless. He's defined by his strength, having great pride of his own personal power. However, he values his team even over that, and will do anything it takes to protect them.

Maria is the sweet innocent one of the group. Childish, friendly, naive, and ready to befriend just about anything that moves, Maria is the one that "needs looking out for," as noted by any of the other group members. However, in a pinch she's quite able to handle herself; in fact, she's one of the tougher Pokemon on Archon's team, being able to take hit after hit without showing any adverse effects. She'll throw herself into harm's way to protect any of her teammates, but unlike the rest of the group she'll willingly do the same for almost anyone she happens upon who needs it. Secretly, Archon admires that in Maria, though he'd never admit it.

Geralt is... An interesting case. A Swalot of few words, he appears simple- a very blunt, to the point, no-nonsense kind of Pokemon. However, despite his size and general shape, Geralt is one of the sneakiest Pokemon on the team. Armed to the metaphorical teeth with various poisons and acids, Geralt is the specialist that can get into just about anywhere, put just about anyone out of commission, take the hits, and look good doing it. Geralt gets results, he's very professional, and while he doesn't particularly frown upon or disapprove of 'trivialities' such as having fun and the like, he won't join in on the festivities except in the classiest of ways. He defines upper class professional crimes.

Character Backstory:
Archon is the son of a former Team Rocket Admin, raised with that ideology in mind and bred to be the next criminal mastermind in his own organization. He toured Johto for a while, learning the various tricks of the trade and the basics of business. However, after an incident involving him rescuing his first two Pokemon from a private criminal organization that was using them to test experimental and dangerous technology, he discovered that the world of organized crime wasn't for him. The organization never discovered it was him, and he was joined by Mephisto and Aryelle. After that he went to hide out in the mountainous area just south of Blackthorn city, where he discovered that he wasn't the only criminal in the area; the same organization he'd rescued Mephisto and Aryelle from was hiding out there. In an attempt to sabotage whatever plans they had, the team infiltrated and found yet another experimentation going on, this time on a Snorlax; it was freed, and immediately went about destroying everything in sight. When it finally calmed down, it had torn the entire base down, taking with it half a mountainside.

When the dust settled, Archon found himself on the run from every lawman and half the criminals this side of Mt Silver. He fled to the other side of Johto, sailing across the sea to Cianwood city. It was on this trip that he found the one Pokemon he legitimately caught on his journey; Maria, his Mantine, was caught in an honest-to-goodness battle. After staying low in Cianwood for almost two years, there was a serial cat-burglar who robbed his house and took almost everything. When he awoke, Archon hunted her down across Johto and Kanto alike in a game of cat and mouse that became less and less about him actually getting his possessions back. Over their few heated, flirtatious encounters, he became infatuated- or as close to it as someone like him can get- with the burglar, a young woman by the name of Vanessa. After chasing her across both regions, happening upon various adventures and the like, and of course robbing quite a few people blind as Zubats, the odd pair stumbled upon one of the biggest operations in quite a while. The PokeCenter at Viridian City had been reprogrammed so that instead of healing the Pokemon, it would transfer them to a private box, owned by none other than Archon's own father. The pair traveled deep into the heart of one of the mountains around the Indigo Plateau and Mt. Silver to the secret lair in order to shut down the mainframe and return the PokeCenter to normal, hopefully giving everyone's Pokemon back in the process. Unfortunately, they were sorely unprepared; Archon and Vanessa were both captured almost immediately, thrown into a pit of half-starved Houndour. Vanessa urged Archon to go stop his father while she held off the pack; he reluctantly obliged, racing after the man before he could complete the sales of the stolen Pokemon. The showdown was quick and almost painless; after plowing through the guards and barging into his father's office, the old man seemed to see something. Perhaps he changed, or perhaps he simply was proud of his boy, in whatever form that took. Whatever the case, he released the stolen Pokemon back to the PokeCenter, and disappeared almost into thin air, leaving behind a single present... A Pokeball, containing his father's prize Pokemon, a Swalot.

After that fiasco, he never even had the chance to check on Vanessa; the entire base was swarmed by the police. He vacated the premises with extreme haste, only to find he was just as wanted by every other criminal organization around; every bounty hunter from Cianwood to Lavender town would be looking for him. So he went further. He fled the region, travelling across Unova, Hoenn, and even spending a brief period in Fiore before finally finding his way to the Shikoku region. Here he hopes to start anew as a small-time burglar, building his retirement fund one rich person's house at a time. Hoping that maybe one day he'll happen upon the same house at the same time as a familiar face.

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