K i r a iZ o u k y o uK o i g o k o r o


B a s i c s

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|☼| R p c - N a m e :
Kirai Zoukyou Koigokoro
|☼| N i c k n a m e s :
Father ::: Reverend ::: Bloody Rose
|☼| A g e :
Twenty-Eight ::: 28
|☼| B i r t h d a t e :
February 29 ::: 02 / 29
|☼| G e n d e r :
|☼| E t h n i c i t y :
Albino Romanian
|☼| R a n k :
|☼| N i n j a C l a s s :
Weapon Class
|☼| S u b - C l a s s :
Heavy & Light Weaponry Expert ::: Direct Hand-To-Hand Master { In Training }
|☼| N i n j a T y p e :
Tactical Ninja
|☼| V i l l a g e :
Konohagakure no Sato


D a t a

|☼| S u m m o n i n g :
None At The Moment
|☼| B l o o d l i n e :
Shattering Mirror - Hari Clan
|☼| I m p l a n t :
None At The Moment
|☼| E l e m e n t O n e :
Doton ::: Earth
|☼| E l e m e n t T w o :
Katon ::: Fire
|☼| M o u n t :
Sumiyaka ::: Speed
|☼| W e a p o n ( s ) o f C h o i c e :

Its Like the Master Sword....But In Spear Form
Shinsou ::: Truth
A Large Spear About Ten Feet Tall. Its Spear Blade Is Three And A half feet Long, Making The Handle Six And A Half Feet. It Is Double Edged And Razor Sharp, Cutting A hair In Midair, And Splitting The Air Around It. Rubber Wraps Around The Back And Front Of This Weapon, Making All Electrical Attacks Useless Unless It can Penetrate The Rubber.

Sword Of The Dark Realm
Oujou ::: Death
A Semi large Sword Held On The Belt At waist. It Is About Five And A half Feet Long And Has A Pike That Protrudes From The handle, Helping To break Swords It Clashes With. The Handle Has A Center Of Rubber To Absorb Strong Contacts, Along With Electrical Attacks.

Chain Of Commands
Hebi ::: Snake
A Long Chain That is Wrapped Around The Body When not Used. It Is About Twenty Feet Long And Is Normally On The Body When Used In Close Combat. It Can Easily Be Wrapped About Any Body Part, And Is Held Wrapped Around The Right Arm Of Kirai.

Lower Thy Head
FÛN ::: Decapitate
A Scythe Held On That back That Is Able To Have Its Blade Lowered Into The Handle To Have A Smaller carrying Space. It Is About Eight Feet Long With A Blade That Goes Out For About Four And Fourth Feet.

Gone With The Wind
Uchitoru ::: Kill
A Set Of Two katars That Are Held On The left And Right Thigh When Not being Used. Quickly And Deadly, They Are Only About Two Feet Long, Allowing For Deadly And Accurate Strikes. Assassination Comes To Mind When Attacks Are Though Of With These Babies On.

A Bolt Into The Night
Boruto ::: Bolt
A High-Powered Crossbow That Is Held On The Very Low Back And waist Area. A Quiver Is Held On the Belt, At The Waist, For Quicker And More Silent Draws. With A Pull Strength Of Two Hundred Psi And No Crank Shaft, One Has To have Great Strength To Use This Weapon.

Slip Between The Ribs
Hanto ::: Hunt
A Hunting Knife That Is Held ON The Belt. It Has A Blade That Comes From the Hilt So It can be Used For Punching, Its Size And Shape Allows For Gutting And Skinning To be Used, along With Close Combat. Though Hunting Is What It Is made For.

With Our Own Two hands.
Te ::: Hand
A Deadly Set Of Two Brass Knuckles. Blades Protrude From The Tips Of Each Knuckle And the Sides of The Fist. The Side blades can Be Folded Down So It Can be carried Without Worry From The User. Held Above The Wrist, Where A Simple Surge Of Chakra Will Drop Them into The Users Hand And Ready Them For Close Combat Fighting. Can Only Be Released this Way. No Amount of Pulling Will Detach them Unless You Take The Skin With it.

|☼| S t r e n g t h :
The Strengths Of Kirai Are Spread Out Wide. He Is Excellent At All Weapons And Can Use Anything He Picks Up Just As Well As One Of His Swords. His Speed is Incredible. Intelligence Clocks In At About Two Hundred Seventeen And Almost Any Problem Can Be Solved By Him. His Attitude And His Personality Make It So Most People Like Him, Being Socially Active And Thus learning New Things And Techniques From Everyone Around Him.
|☼| W e a k n e s s :
Of Course Life Is Double-Edged And For All Strengths, There Are Weaknesses. Though Mostly Being Smart Is An Advantage, Is Also Can Be A Disadvantage. When He Gets Into Situations Where It Requires A Lot of Thinking, He Can Easily Over Exert Himself And Get Into A State Where He Blocks Out Everyone Except Himself And His Opponent, Making It So That Teamwork Is Difficult. Advanced Genjutsu Pass The Rank Of Jounin Is Almost Impossible Due To his Class, Though His Class Helps With That. Shyness Around Women And Bullheadedness Around Men Are Also Flaws In his Seemingly Perfect Life.


F a v o r i t e s

|☼| A n i m a l ( s ) :
Dove ::: Hawk ::: Dolphin ::: Horse
|☼| C o l o u r ( s ) :
Green ::: Sky Blue ::: Purple
|☼| N u m b e r ( s ) :
Thirteen ::: Eight ::: 13 ::: 8


J u t s u L i s t

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::: N o n - E l e m e n t a l :::

• Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Jutsu) ¦ E
• Bushin no Jutsu (Clone Jutsu) ¦ E
• Kawarimi no Jutsu (Substitution Jutsu) ¦ E

::: D o t o n • E a r t h :::

::: K a t o n • F i r e :::

::: U s i n g T h e G l a s s ¦ H a r i C l a n T e c h n i q u e s :::

• Kaichiku no Hari ::: Reconstruction Of Glass ¦ C
• Toho no za Hari ::: Walking Of The Glass ¦ C
• Garasu Subeta no Jutsu (Glass Sword Technique) ¦ B


C h a r a c t e r D e s c r i p t i o n

|☼| L o o k s :
Kirai Is A Rather Skinny Fellow, Though He Does Have A Good Amount Of Muscle. He Is Very Tall And Seems To Tower Most People. His Face Is Well Angled And His Hair Is Straight And Slightly Shaggy, Like Bed-Head Hair. His Eyes Are A Deep Purple And Shine Bright In The Moonlight. His Teeth Are Almost Perfectly White And Look Well Kept. He Normally Wheres His Soldiers Uniform And Cape, Signifying That He Was Once At A High Rank. Around His Neck Is A Large Cross, Showing That He Is A Follower Of The Church. Cross Armbands And A Choker Also Symbolize Religion.
|☼| P e r s o n a l i t y :
Kirai Is A Very Kind person Overall. Loving And Caring For Most People He See's And Only Disliking When Some One Tries To harm Or Kill Some One He Enjoys, Or, Of Course, Himself. Around Nice Looking Women He Is Gullible And Will Do Most Things For Them. Though He Tries Hard To Keep His Emotions Under Check. Around Tougher Men He Is Bullheaded And Tries To Show Off. Normally Ending In Making Himself Look bad.
|☼| H e i g h t :
Two Hundred Forty-Seven Centimeters ::: 247 cm
|☼| W e i g h t :
Eighty-Three Kilograms ::: 83 kg
|☼| E y e C o l o r :
Deep Purple
|☼| H a i r C o l o r :
Sea-Foam Green
|☼| M o u n t C o l o r :
|☼| T h e m e S o n g :
My Plague ::: Slipknot


M i s s i o n s D o n e

|☼| S R a n k :
|☼| A R a n k :
|☼| B R a n k :
|☼| C R a n k :
|☼| D R a n k :


B a c k g r o u n d I n f o r m a t i o n :

::: Birth And The First Few Years :::

OK~The Date Was February Twenty-Ninth. Darkness Swirled Outside, While Inside The Small Lit House, Emotions Flared As The Mother Of The Young Boy was About To Give Birth. The Father Stood Overhead As The Mid-Wife Shouted Directions To The Young Mother. Soon Crying Filled The Room As The Baby Was Born, A Small Male With A Small Amount Of Hair. The Mother And Father Loved Over Him, The Mid-Wife Standing To The Side, A Large Smile Crossing Her Face. Soon, A Few Weeks Pasted And The Mother Of The Small baby Grew More And More Protective, Loving The Child Like She Loved No Other. Her Mother And Father Would Read To him, Teaching Him At An Early Age, Even Going As Far As Doing Math And Hoping The Teach Him How To Do So. He seemed To Be Getting Smarter, And Was Now walking And starting Speak As though He was An Older Age...

::: From Three To Six :::

He Was easily Walking Now, And his father Started To Take Advantage Of That. Using Skills From his Past, He Started To Train With the Young Three And a half year Old Boy In The Art Of Swordsmanship. Teaching Him the Way Of the Sword, Spear, And Shield. Hoping That By A Good Age He Would Be A Master. His Mother ON the other hand, Taught Him Manners That He Would Need And Even Some New Words hat Would Help Him In His Conversations. He was Five When His Father Said He Was Good Enough To move From Sticks Onto Real Crafted Wooden Weapons, And When His Mother Started To Notice That His Own Vocabulary Started To Pass Her Own. At The Age of Six, His Father Introduced Him To The Bow And Arrow, Along With A Few other Smaller Weapons, All At The Same Time, Increasing The Training they Were Doing With The Other Weapons. His Mother Started To Teach him How To Read And Write, Hoping That it Would Help As He Moved Towards His Goal Of Becoming A Ninja...

::: The Age Increases Evermore :::

He Moved Into the Academy Of The Leaf Village As one of The Smarter Kids, Being Only Seven Winters Old, He Seemed To Be The Youngest There. It Took Him Only Six Months to Pass The Academy, Passing Over Some Of The kids That Had Been There Over A Year. At Eight Winters He Achieved The rank Of genin And Then, Sensing Something was Wrong, Dropped Out Of His Class And moved Way From The Leaf Village. His Mother And Father Were Now Fighting, And He was Wondering the Reason. Then The Dreadful Night Came. He Was Sleeping And Was Awaken From A Scream From His Mother. Moving Quickly To Her Room, A Large Katana That Was Bigger Than His Body, Hanging Across His back. The He Saw It. His Father Stood Over His Mother, A Shard Of Glass In His Hand, Covered In Crimson Blood. His Mother Lay On The ground, Drowning In Her Own Blood As She Lay Face down In A Pool Of Crimson. The Evil Lapped At The Conscious Mind Of The Young Boy, And He Darted From the Room, Into his Own. Taking Up his Weapons, Headband, And His Books, He Left The Room Even Before His Father Knew He Was Awake. He was Leaving For Somewhere He Knew That Would Take Him In...

::: Entering The Religions :::

He Moved Into The Church That Night. Explaining What Happened And How bad he felt About Not Being Able To Do Anything. The Church Followers Said i was Not his Fault And left Him Along For Most Of The Time Following That Week. All That While He Kept Up his Training, Learning About The One God Of Earth, And Becoming A Religious Knight. He Hoped That He Would be Able to Protect Those Like Him One day, And At The Age Of Nine, Passed Into Apprenticeship Of A Warrior-Bishop That Led A Small battalion Of Men That Worked As The Guard For The Patriarch Of The Continent. He was Only ten, And yet Had Jobs Even Some Of The Men In Their twenties Envied. He was Some One That Seemed To be Doing Good In Life, Doing Better Than Most.

::: The Terror Strikes Again :::

At The Age Of Thirteen Everything Was Doing Good, Until He Found Out His father had Escaped From Prison. He Was Scared And Prayed To The One God That He Would Go Back To Where He Belonged. With That, He Finished The Day And Went To Sleep. Only To Awake To A Horror Worst Than Any That he Could Imagine. His Eyes Fluttered Open When A Scream Pierced His Dreams, Just Like That One Night So Many Years Ago. He Knew What Was Happening, And Quickly Grabbed His Weapons, Which Had Increased In range, And Moved Into the Courtyard Where the Scream Came From. there His father Stood, A Young Alter Boy In his Hands, His Throat Clutched And Now Dead. His Father Dropped The Boy And Took A Step Towards His Son. It Was here That A Battle Took Place, Father Against Son, And The One God Versus The Ever Vigilant Darkness. The Son Came Out ON Top, Showing That He Was Better Than The Father, Showing That He Would Avenge All the People his father Had Killed. Praying The Young Boy Brought Up His Sacrificial Weapon And Brought It Down Upon His Fathers Neck, Killing Him Where He Stood. When The Patriarch Came Out To Find Out Where His Bishops Apprentice Was, He Saw Him Kneeling over The Body, A Prayer Upon His Lips, His Fathers Hand Placed Upon His own.

::: His Journey Begins Anew :::

His Age Is Eighteen. Years have Gone By, Training Has Increased, And He Now Is Ready To Go Off And Learn About His Kekkei Genkei From the Temple That Houses Them. He Would Not Return For Four More Years, And When He Did, He was A Completely Different Person. Returning To To Church First At The Age Of Twenty-Eight, He Was Even More Relaxed And More Peaceful. He Thanked them And Gave Them What was Most Precious To Him, The Love Of His God. He then Left The Temple To the leaf Village, Hoping To Start Back Up As The Genin He Left As. HE Moved And Now Has Arrived In The Village. Ready To Start His Life Anew, He Readies Himself For What Is Ahead.

::: Now The Leaf Is Our Home ¦ The Events Of Now :::

He Moved Back To The Leaf Village. Now, Where Will his Destiny Lead Him?

[imgleft]http://i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg305/xXgaahinaXx/Ephraim_by_lazulinus-1.jpg?t=1238887202[/imgleft][size=18][color=dodgerblue][align=left]† : : : [b]T[/b] h e [b]B[/b] l o o d y [b]R[/b] o s e : : : [b]R[/b] e v e r e n d [b]K[/b] i r a i [b]Z[/b] o u k y o u [b]K[/b] o i g o ko r o : : : †[/color][/size][/align]
[size=9][color=gray][align=left] | † | Darkness Seeps Into The Corners Of His Vision;
Blocking Out The Pure Colors Of His Life.
All He See’s Is Evil, All He Knows Is Pain;
Through This Horrors He Pushes Onward, Towards Redemption…[/color][/size][/align]

[color=mediumblue][size=10][align=right] Yo [/color][/size][/align]

[align=center][size=9][color=lightskyblue][i]“Raise Your Arms To Fight For The One God Of Earth And Gaia.”[/i][/align][/size][/color]
[size=9][color=gray][align=right]…Slowly The Colors Of Life Return;
Pain Subsides, And Evil Is No More.
The Darkness Leaves The Conscious Mind;
And Religious Born Happiness Is Eternally Mine. | † |[/color][/size][/align]