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The Cat and her Owner
Chapter Three
Bell grew very attached to her owner. He was so kind - he patiently answered almost every question she asked, showed her around the house again, and again, and again, until she could finally make her way around. It felt like heaven for the poor kitten who was used to abuse, pain and fear. Slowly but steadily she learned to trust the man and open up to him. In fact, she trusted him so much, that she didn't question his actions at all. He was like an angel to the cat - after all, he did save her from certain death.
One day she was staring out the window and the owner walked in on her. "Have you been outside yet?" - he asked.
"I don't think so... But I'm very happy inside, so there's no need!" - Bell quickly replied.
"That won't do. You must see the garden! It's in bloom right now and it looks almost as beautiful as you"
The kitty blushed to such words. No matter how much she was praised, she just couldn't get used to it. The owner took her hand and they went outside. The flowers were breath taking! Bell had never seen anything more amazing. She released the man's hand and started wandering around, making up fairy-tales. Bell didn't realize where she was going until she was standing right in front of the guest house. There were many girls there - cats, demons, succubi and others. They were running around, laughing and shouting. Suddenly one of the girls, a white cat, ran up to Bell and greeted her: "Hi! Who are you?"
Bell was so stunned that she couldn't mutter a single word. Soon the others stopped running and started looking at the newcomer. "Be kind to her" - she heard the owner's voice - "She's very shy and is still getting used to her new home"
"Oh! So she doesn't know yet?" - asked one of the succubi.
"No, not yet"
"Then maybe it's time to tell her?" - said another girl.
"Maybe... What do you think, Lilly?"
The white cat smiled, then turned to the man and said: "Sure! I'm up for it!"
The three (Lilly, Bell and the owner) went back to the house. He told the girls to go to one of the rooms and went somewhere else.
"Why don't you sit over there?" - said Lilly, pointing at a chair and smiling lightly. Bell did as she was told. Then the white cat started undressing herself and talking: "You see, our master is a very busy man. He goes to meetings, spends a lot of time on projects, speeches and other work. So you understand that he needs a way to relax and rest. That's where we come in. He takes care of us and we take care of him. Simple, right?" Bell nodded, though she didn't quite get what the cat was saying. "Don't worry" - said Lilly - "You'll understand soon enough"
Then the owner walked in. He undressed and started touching Lilly in a way Bell had never seen before. She didn't dare move or let out a sound, though Lilly's moaning did make her feel very uncomfortable. She sat there for what seemed like an eternity until they were done. He went to the shower and the white cat fell asleep. When the owner came back from the shower, he found Bell still sitting there. She looked very worried, so he messed up her hair (it was a habit of his that she really liked) and told her not to worry. And she didn't - she always did what she was told.

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