Favorite song: I Miss You by Basshunter

Favorite shirt: Neon and black Hello Kitty tank top from Hot Topic

Favorite pants: Skinny jeans!

Favorite shoes: None at all...

Favorite food: Coffee Cake or Sushi

Favorite animals: I love all animals.

Favorite friends: Jared, Dylan, Madison, and Abby...

Favorite place to go: Anywhere with Jared or my room...

Favorite thing to do: Draw or just lay in my bed alone and listen to music or goof off with my friends

Favorite show on Tv: Primeval

Favorite channel: I don't watch that much to have a favorite...

Favorite days of the year: Chrismas,and my birthday!

Favorite people in my family: My pet beta fish, Deathwish. If I need to talk, He listens :']...

Favorie pets that I have: Deathwish the beta fish.

Pets that I want: My sister's cat Ari. She's so sane and Zen, unlike my retared cat...

Favorite school: Texas A&M


Which friend live the clost to me: Jared

Where I want to live when I grow up: I wanna live in a skyline apartment in a big city with night life, but it has to be safe so I can be alone when I feel like it... Anywhere with Jared.

Do I like school?: Fudge YES.