Good | Bad

Spring: My Birthday | My Birthday
Rain | bees
Flowers | Sound of people blowing their noses
Last day of school | Finals
Animals wake up | Coyotes

Summer: No school | Heat
Swimming | Boredom
Camping | Bugs
Amusement parks | No friends
Get to go Barefoot | I wake up when the sun rises and go to bed when it sets, so no stars

Autumn: Leaves change color | Soggy leaves everywhere
First day of school | School starts up again
Halloween! | Have to were shoes
Not too warm | Storms
Yummy food | Animals leave or go to sleep

Winter: Cold | School
Get to see stars | Usually cloudy
Christmas (or the other holidays) | Valentines day
Pretty when we get snow | Don't usually get snow here
Peaceful | Family turns heat up in the house