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Exeterra's Journal I am Exeterra and this is my journal. What more do you need to know? You can read it whenever you want.

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oh, wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
you know i thought i liked a guy once...that was in grade three. since then, hes become a jerk. i hate his guts. anyway, i say i THOUGHT i liked him, but really i just WANTED to. we were good friends. but since then, i've felt REAL love, and i laugh at myself. ha ha ha. there see? oh yeah, laugh at yourself; its good for you. and if you wont, i will lol dont worry, only joking. maybe.
ANYWAYZ i am crazy in love. he makes me smile all the time. his name's Sheldon, and hes the bestest boy EVAH!!!!!!!
kay, but i wasnt able to contact him for a while (over protective parents--cant live with em, too young to live without em...life is so unfair sometimes!!! i guess life makes up for it, you know, with Sheldon and all heart )
ANYWAY yeah and then we BOTH got kinda depressed, but my friend Natasha (you're the best, love you girl!!!!) helped me out by telling him i was depressed. okay, seriously, dont go around telling people im depressed. but this time it was okay. me and Sheldon talked on saturday, and its all cool.
a few songs have been haunting me: Halo (Beyonce) Far Away, Id Come For You, and Gotta Be Somebody (Nickleback) and Alive (Melissa O'Neil) and if you search the lyrics, most of it is relatable to me right now. oh and Bleeding Love (Leona Lewis)
but now im sad, cuz Sheldon's in trouble and his parents took his computer away, so i wont be able to see him for a while. he says he could be on on the weekends (i hope you're reading this Sheldon) but i wont be on much on weekends, if ever, because im going up to the trailer, Double 'M' RV Resort and Campground if youre curious. and during summer, i wont be on much at all, unless i go to a friends house. *sniff*
anyway, so yeah, ill end this uber-long journal entry...love you Sheldon, and Natasha you rock!!!
Quote: When life gives you lemons, squirt them in life's eyes and see how life likes it lemons THEN 4laugh

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