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What is the fallen angel compared to the one above.
the only way of knowing is your judgement the things you think and the way you live.
Proffessor advocat chapter 0
(know that the characters in this book are mine and are copywritten if i see that they have been stolen in any manner i will punish the one who does under courts of the united states or an equivalent of)

Advocat looks at the wartorn battle his squad completely taken by the duon. "is anyone else alive" he says while he is covored in the monsters blood his suit now completely red. a hand comes up from the rubble and ruin of the battlefied one person being covered by bodies. "I-I am coming just stay alive!" advocat rushes to the wounded man and starts to uncover him as he coughs and attempts to grab his sword to battle more. "stand down soldier we have won this war." advocat says calmly, "at what cost, and to what end. . . . . .they will be back tomorrow and our army has been over run already" the man is now in tears looking at his noble leader "you are the only one left along with I what are we going to do alo-" he was interrupted by Advocat slapping him across the face. "you need to keep a clear head we signed our lives to protect the caravaans to get to the towns even if its only us Vince" Advocat then sighs picking up Vince having black armor and long hair. Vince straightens himself leaning on advocat to get up being slightly wounded from the battle that went on for 48 hours. "what do you want me to do sir?" he said awaiting his orders. "We need to see if the child king is still safe. . . . . . .and ask for his help" Advocat said starting to walk as he picked up one of the rifles and threw it at vince. "keep tactical soldier watch they will be here before the sun comes up to feed on the bodies of the dead, but this war will be ours" Advocat grabs his spear and starts to walk towards the sunrise the opposite way the caravan is. "this is insanity sir why are we going this way?" Vince says with slight hesitation in his voice. "this is the direction of the gate they are coming out of I plan on stopping them or die trying you can go to the caravaan and watch after them" advocat looks at the path with the forest ground covered in around an inch of flowing blood from the previous battle over a thousand soldiers slaughtered double on the monsters. "i will not abandon you we will fall together if we do so" vince says cocking the rifle and adding the second clip. "how many bullets do you have?" Advocat says hesitantly watching Vince go through the dead bodies for more weaponry having so many on him he looked like a human arsenal "i have around 800 at least."
As vince looks up to see the forest around 900 feet away charging fast a vast darkness of hordes of duon, undead tentical like creatures some large and human like others with insect appearance flying over their heads. "STAND FAST" advocat says as he grabs a pair of pistols and starts firing charging in with a roar the odds do not look to be in his favor.

Advocat quickly jumped to the trees hearing Vince with his battle cry with two rifles in his hands running to the rush of monsters. "you will not take us this war is ours" Advocat watched the hornet like monsters swarm around him as he jumped onto the back of one making it go to a dive bomb to a hord as advocat put a gernade onto its back jumping off before the crash and grabbing a treebranch, flipping over it once before teleporting into the darkness and making a rush slashing with his spear moving so fast that he breaks the sound barrier multiple times making even the trees fly back. Vince jumps dodging the trees hurtling in the air while firing at the duon chasing him before he gets out two axes "OUT OF AMMO, ADVOCAT I HOPE YOU HAVE A PLAN" Vince says dodging the beasts attacks from their claws occasionally letting them hit his armor to counter for a clean decapitation. Advocat quickly teleports to Vince and then grabs him teleporting further away from the remaining creatures toward the nest the giant hole in the ground with a glow at the end. "i can still have you turn back if you want" Advocat says in a very serious tone. "Ha turn back?! HELL I just got here and your wanting to kick me out of this party?" Vince says with a slight smile. "good because if you would have said yes i would have killed you where you stand" They both laughed as they started down the tunnel hearing what seems like inhaling from the other end.

The glowing end now had blue flames coming from it. quickly thinking Vince pulled out a small blue sphere and threw it in front of them making a crystalized shield blocking them from what seemed like an enevitable death. Advocat looked at him with a smirk as they hit their forearms together as a slight high five then walking and pushing their shield in front of them "how much of a breath do you think this queen has?" Vince says as he watches the crystal get red. "I am not sure but i would like to get to her before becoming a cat BBQ" Advocat says, "Give me a bit of darkness." Vince quickly throws his expansive armor infront of the crystal to give just a blink of total darkness then retracts it back to see advocat disappear. soon after the flames stop. Vince begins to sprint to the end of the tunnel. to see advocat running on the walls as fire chases behind him and a giant two headed dragon attacking him sitting near a portal. "Vince hurry up and disable that damn gate" Advocat says as he starts to make a thrusting stab to the chest of the dragon. The dragon quickly parries and backhands him making him fly towards a wall head first before he disapears in the darkness in front of him and reappears on the back of the dragon slicing at the neck. Vince begins to make a chant with his hands toward the gate. Advocat watches his blade barely graze the skin of the dragon the head rushing toward him with an open mouth, He jumps back and throws a handful of gernades into the mouth of the dragon as the other rushes him from another angle. Advocat gets quickly hit and smacked against the wall. he hits the ground almost lifelessly then struggles to get up hearing the explosion that he just caused and a mighty roar of the queen losing one of her heads or at least half of it. Vince quickly dispells the gate making it close and takes a sledgehammer to the bricks that made it before getting hit by The Queens tail being knocked into the the passage way of the tunnel while advocat dissapears again and reappears to block Vince from being crashed against the sharp rocks then grabs a bomb from Vinces bag and throws it toward the now opening gate that had a long hand coming out of it. Advocat grabs onto vince and teleports into the tunnel and begins running "what did you do?" Vince says as advocats actions were in the matter of seconds "left them a present now run" advocat says yelling over his shoulder the explosion of fire and electricity made the earth rumble and the tunnel start falling behind them they finally reached the entrance with an undead man holding a pistol in front of them quickly acting Advocat teleported behind him and gave him a kick toward the bolders falling. they were finally out and breathing heavily. after a momment of silence Vince looks at Advocat "so now what are your orders" he said in a momment of hesitation. "exterminate what remains if they dont flee and go home to the caravaans" He replied with a glimmer in his eye. "YESSIR"

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