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The idea of god
God is an idea and I know why.
Time comes and time goes. Ideas come and ideas go. Very rarely does any idea become famous and stay. Even rarer is that the idea becomes popular enough to redefine science or events in history. More rare than that is for the idea to became a must have and then become a necessity. What is nearly impossible is for that idea to become eternal. If an idea has become eternal, then it’s only a small step for it to become the center of one person or a group of people’s life. An idea has reached it limit at that point, yet one idea has become a worldwide and a history wide phenomenon.
That idea has become the center of life itself. That idea, if you haven’t already guessed, is GOD(s). The idea of gods is so important to people that saying god is an idea is an insult alone. Even though some are offended by the thought of god being an idea, one person in the world must face that fact. That person would be me. Even if he is an idea, I believe he is really but has effect on what happens in the world.
Now, there comes a question. Why do I think god is an idea put I believe h is real? Well that would have to go back to the fact that I am truly different than most people. “How is this?” Would most likely be your next question. I would answer you by saying that I am a loner and have only eight friends. Most of them are over the internet and the rest live to far away to talk too normally. That and the fact that I don’t care for food, I eat what I need to survive. Combine this together and place me in a school cafeteria during school lunch. What you see is that I would sit alone with my head down or staring off into space. It may look like I’m doing nothing on the outside, but if you where to look at my thoughts you would find out that I may really busy.
During that time in the lunch room, I come up with ideas that are taboo or far ahead of my time. I’m not thinking of stuff that will help the human race, rather than explaining what is wrong with the world. Most of the time I think of reasons to back up the evil. Such as why cheating should be accepted; we act like beavers and keep the same mate for as long as possible, when we are more like deer and have different mates.
In order for one to understand my idea of god being an idea, one would have to look at the history of god(s). If you could look back as far as possible in human history, you would find many gods being worshipped by sacrificing humans. If you then speed time up you would see that the many gods would want less human and more animals. If you continued to speed through the history of god(s), you will find a point that the gods no longer want sacrifice. Not long after that, the many gods/ goddess become one god and no goddess. The only thing after that would be the same one god.
Another point you must look at is god himself. We think he looks like a man, because the bible says he created us in his image. But you have to remember that god did not write the bible, man did. So we made him a man because it would make use seem better that the rest of the animals on earth. He is not a woman because men were dominate over woman when it was written.
One think I found out about myself is that I will believe a comedian more so than a hot woman or a business man or woman. What this has to do with god is that one episode of American Dad showed god as a woman. God told the character he was talking to that he will appear in the most pleasant form to the one he was going to talk to. That got me thinking that maybe god isn’t a man but a woman. It then got me thinking that maybe he is not even a human but rather a lamb or a wolf. After several ideas of what god could be, I had found the one that worked the best. He is a giant blob that shape shifts in to the form we want to see the must.
Now that you now my view on god, himself, it’s time to address what this was all about. The image of god(s) has evolved, which means something is up. Then I got the thought that maybe god is an idea. That idea is this, god is the thing that is above use. Like the government is above the public. But god is above every one. Why is he above us, because we are scared of being the top. The public is scared of being the top so the government, no matter how futile it is, was formed. The government was scared so they made a leader, such as the president, to be above them. The leaders were scared so they made the U.N., but the U.N. was scared too. They lucked out because religion was higher them and was made way before them. But the leaders of the church(s) were scared so they made a leader. This leader, such as the Pope, was scared of being the top. But he had god above him, which meant he was longer the top. That’s where it stops, no one is above god. God does not fear being the top because he is not one of us.
That is the idea of god. It does not say the god is or is not real, but it merely states how god was made. But some may still take that as an insult, and that is understandable. But nonetheless, God was created because people feared being the top.

Yahagi Shinotsuke
Community Member
Yahagi Shinotsuke
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