A pink haired ninja elf, with yellow eyes and pail skin. She is capable of hiding in even the smallest shadow and attacking from the ethereal plane. She is the engaged queen of the Third Nation, and a brave adventurer with her pet shadow and other companions.

"You were attacked by an elf with glowing yellow eyes, pink hair, and a screaming weapon of vengeance, and none of you noticed till it was too late?"
"Yes sir..."
"Describe 'too late'"
"Five dead, three wounded, critically..."

Body figure X
Head X
Clothing X X

Kusarigama: 1
Kukuri: 1 2

Her tapered ears... an elf isn't an elf without pointy ears...
A dark mysterious aura... she's a ninja (were would she be without places to hide)
Her pet shadow (a bit more friendly looking that that one though...)
Her Bag of Holding (God only knows how much trouble she is in from that thing... or how much stuff is actually in it...