The lady told the police department, and used Joseph for proof. They believed him. They went to the army. Joseph made them believe too! In a few hours, most of the other countries believed it too! Soon the whole world found out about vampires. On the next day, everyone was either hiding, or joining the world army. They were ready with the best weapons and the best men. All women and children were kept in hiding.

Miki and Joseph were commanding the army. Joseph told them about all the secrets of the vampires. When nightfall came, they were ready. armies everywhere around the world. Humans that weren't in the army were all gathered in the U.S.A. hiding in basements, hideouts, and anywhere else. When the sky got dark, everyone in the army was given night vision goggles. They waited.

Suddenly, they saw people appear in trees, streets, and everywhere else. THey brought their guns out. The war began.

Ending of Episode 6