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Tough Love, a Game of Chasexxxxx

User Image"Sherbets all mine, but you gotta love that cherry wine.~" The words sounded sweet when she spoke. A raven haired girl with a melodic tongue gilded with a thick European accent. She was Aura, Maricar Aura. Although, this was strictly on the down low. If you knew her name, it was easy to figure you knew too much. You could say Aura just preferred a quiet lifestyle with little interruption but her antics were renowned and there wasn't a soul that didn't know the game she played. She was a murderer, a vindictive criminal that hopped towns as if they were cars, simply following where ever the winding roads led her. She never changed for a soul, nothing from her head to her toes looked any different with the moves and she had no guise, simply hands coated with the yet to be traced blood of victims passed. It wasn't as if she didn't believe she did a just crime. Through her eyes she was just doing the world right, pulling the trigger for those that couldn't do it themselves. They were murderers, thieves that stole lives, people that didn't give a damn about the damage they left behind them. She wasn't a brute, she was the law to the lawless.

Now she was in another town full of new faces and new jobs. They came to her of course, nobody with innocence on their mind approached her, who would? Aura never went anywhere without companions, and they bit, they bit like hell. Roger and Fera, her two dobermans weren't far from her. Close to her and far from others they looked playful, cheerfully jogging at her side and she all the while just acting childlike, nonchalant. She swung her arms, glanced at the polish on her fingers to question when a new coating of the salmon color polish would need to be redone, prodding at her stalkings and adjusting the straps of her shirt that was obviously far from the feminine appeal. Aura had a wiry figure, she was short but her body appeared long. Her face was cute at least, with a small button nose and large, salmon colored doe eyes, the estranged work of her mothers genetics, but her lips curled and doted to form a genuinely charming smile. Small, but long enough to make a daunting curve on her heart shaped head she had at least enough to seem attractive. Everything about her writhed with a dark allure but seemed to provoke a second glance because the first seemed a betrayal of one's senses. If her bangs weren't so frustrating when long, she might have kept them too, but the constant brushing in front of her eyes made them an irritable feature.

At the pausing of a passerby, the dogs acted up, glaring and beginning the brisk eruption of a growl that usually arose with the anticipated fear they sensed far to easily. Children were normally safe, although Aura hated sticking around people younger than herself and would often pass them by entirely. Her life existed of one real importance and that was simply to chase after the man who granted her the pups as a young girl, the only parting gift from anyone who had been familiar with her parents. Now she was chasing what was beginning to feel like the ghost of a man she barely new. He was a broad, looming figure, held to reality by her thinning grasp of the world. He may have held expectations for her, but she was far to young to tell and was only accustomed to imagining his reasoning.

Beginning to whistle, she found her eyes glued to the back of a man's head. His hair was cropped but the broad shoulders and slouching physique seemed familiar. In the midst of her pondering she found herself following him, rounding corners and winding down no-name streets until he was gone. Eyes searching out the man once more she felt her heart thunder as he dogs had wandered off, lost some where along the way. "Roger, Fera..." Her voice suddenly lowered, the strength shifting all to her left pocket where she clasped the handle of her gun, one of the few defenses she kept a hold of. It was unusual because she rarely needed them with Fera and Roger, it was the first time they left her, could it really have been him? Should she be worried? Then, with a swift turn, she evaded the alleyway before her only to find herself at gunpoint.

(( It's preferred you play the man she was following or someone that that man knows. You can be a cop whose chased her down, the man she's been looking for, someone who wants her to work for him, a criminal, the partner of a criminal she's got, anything that sounds like it could make for a story really. Also note the man she's trying to find is an acquaintance of her parents, she has something of a crush on him and he's not really more than 5-7 years older. ))

One More Black Cat xxxxx

User Image

"Jinx, they're waiting on you!" Slowly, the vision of a scrawny man, tall and towering came into sight. He didn't have much body to him, only a ghost-like complexion and dark, formal apparel that made him nearly one with the shade he stood cloaked in. This man went by the name of Sheim, a recognizable person to anyone who managed to sink their feet into even the shallowest waters of their little business. This was not the only individual in the room though, aside from him were three other characters, each with their own distinct and exotic attractions and all equally recognizable. Sitting unconcerned at a table each with a hand of cards garnering the better of their attention. To the farthest left was Marder whose most recognizable characteristic was the wispy white hair and never still greyed eyes that despite his clear youth made him look ethereal and gave a lunatic's touch to a once sane young man. The third gentleman, Dante, was more so wild in his appearance, with a long mane of deep chestnut colored hair, amber irises, and lack of clothing that nearly indecently exposed the writhing flesh strewn with animalistic scars he seemed the most confident and also the most attentive to Sheim's entrance. Beside him, nearest to Sheim was the one called for, Jinx, a stern looking young woman never without something to taunt between her paled lips. Her hair was a long bright red that curled malevolently in every direction with white, hollowed eyes that nearly stole the attention of anyone who was not accustomed to them. A woman marked only with two large comma markings below each eye and a larger, more strange and hidden sign across her back. She, like the group dressed oddly, although no attire was quite like the next and never were any the same.

Turning her head, the ravenous glare seemed to penetrate the familiar face of Sheim and a disruption of her card game meant a heavy fine. Taking this to note, and figuring her token already in her head, she stood, dropping her cards, solid aces with the exception of a king of diamonds, Jinx turned stiffly from the two others at the table and moved towards Sheim, her finger bending begrudgingly under the man's narrow jaw as if to beckon further intimacy. "Sheim, you best have a good excuse for not letting me see a game through." Arching a brow, her arms were already over his shoulders and in a daunting awkward affection, she waited no more than a single moment before slipping out the golden rod between her lips to give him a quick peck on the cheek before returning it.

On the other hand, Sheim jostled free of Jinx quickly after her affectionate show, never really one who took to any intimacies, especially with the provocative chantings of the two that were feet away. "Jinx..." Coughing into his hand and saving himself with a step back he shook his head, pointing towards where he had entered as if that would be enough to answer all her questions and appease her curiosity. It was.

Jinx sauntered away more quickly than the others could follow and before she knew it, she had arrived at the desk where two handsome looking men awaited. These of course were customers or clientele, obvious by the more usual attire and looks in general. "Well hello, hello, and welcome to Incae Tevor, where all wishes are just a pretty penny away." Her voice carried sweetly through the hall, and the room where they awaited looked inviting enough. A pleasant looking waiting room, sort of like a therapist's lobby with the addition of some ancient looking art work that was hung and inspired by the hosts themselves, namely Jinx with the secondary voice of Dante. The two men shook, straightening themselves as instantly as they were addressed before finding the woman that was before them. Jinx was accustomed to a variety of reactions, especially from people who were not familiar with her sort of work, black magic. Simply said, Jinx was a black cat, a median for all sorts of strange works. Everything from giving people diseases dangerous enough to start another bubonic plague to reviving animals for an ironic fee she was the one to turn to, just as each of the others contributed their special little 'talents' as well. Sheim was a leech, able to do magic by the fee of blood. Dante was a lycan and mainly just handled the heavy work and Marder was, well, the one no one wanted to end up with.

[ So you can play Shiem, Dante, Marder, or an original character. Good guy, bad guy it doesn't matter. Essentially she sort of a witch, Shiem and Marder are vampires and Dante is a werewolf. The usually get rid of creatures like themselves so you can be one such creature or a guy that comes to join. Just something interesting really. This is more pro-fantasy, meaning humans really aren't too usual characters although it is as modern setting. Otherwise, just know I play as Jinx, the character to the side. ]

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