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Bacon'z World
A Night to Remember: A Twilight Story
“You’re going to love it tonight.” Edward said to Bella as they entered his house again.
She was intoxicated with the sweet smell of roses as she walked through the foyer, and the smell of Edward’s new cologne. Carlisle greeted her with an old handshake that his father taught him, and Esme gave her the biggest hug a vampire could give her, making sure not to crush her. Emmett walked through the foyer barefoot with a muscle shirt and some old denim jeans.

“Great, you’re here. Come on, the show’s going to start.” he hurried them into the family room where Jasper and Alice snuggled together while Rosalie was in her own little world. Edward and Bella took of their shoes and sat down on the couch. Bella was amazed at how Edward’s feet were shaped as lost focus. She was broken out of her trance
when Emmett yelled, “It’s on.” The show came on.

“I’m remember this show,” Bella said, “it’s Avatar. I would watch this with my mom all the time.”

“Yes, we watch it. Emmett’s a big fan.” Edward said. Emmett sat on the floor as Carlisle and Esme sat in the chair, Esme on Carlisle’s lap. As they watched, Bella heard a timer go off.

“I’ve got it.” Edward said, and quickly grabbed a bowl of popcorn. Jasper took a handful and shared with Alice. Rosalie took some and so did Bella. Emmett was too into the show to notice.

“There’s my favorite character. Go, Toph, go!” Emmett yelled. The girl that was named Toph just beat up two Fire Nation soldiers on a ship-like plane.

“She’s just a show-off.” Rosalie said.

“Don’t get jealous.” Emmett said.

“I’m not jealous.”

“If she was real, though, I would love to meet her.”

“Oh, you would, wouldn’t you?” Rosalie asked, rhetorically.

The time passed and the girl, Azula, was losing herself.

“It’s really a shame. I like Azula.” Rosalie said. Bella looked at her and Rosalie looked back. Edward held Bella close as they show went on.

Azula cut her hair.

“Oh no,” Rosalie said, “don’t cut your hair, sweetie. It was really beautiful.”

“Oh, Rosalie. It’s just a show.” Edward retorted.

“But it still hurts to see such a good villain lose control.”

“You would know,” Alice laughed. Rosalie couldn’t help but laugh, too. They loved picking with each other.

Bella liked the show; she liked being with Edward, too. She grew fond of the Cullen family, and she wished that one day she would be in their family.

“I just hope my favorite character comes up.” Edward said.

“Who’s that?” Bella asked.

“Aang and Zuko are my favorite characters. Sokka’s too funny for me.”

“I like Sokka.” Jasper retorted.

“Katara’s my favorite.” Alice said.

“Well, I like Katara, too.” Bella said.

As Edward had wished, Zuko came up with Azula and Katara. They began to fight.

“Well, we’ll see who’ll when this Agni Kai.” Rosalie said, referring to a term used in the show.

“You already know good wins over evil.” Edward said.

“Well, Zuko was once evil.”

“But if evil fights evil, what’s the point in having the show?” Edward asked.

Azula and Zuko began to blow fire, making a collage of red and blue.

“Man,” Emmett began, “if I was able to control fire, I’d burn all of my enemies.”

Bella thought about Emmett using his imaginary fire power and went back to the show.

Azula looked at Katara.

“No!” Alice yelled at the screen. “Don’t go Katara!”

“She won’t go.” Edward said.

“Oh, yes she will.” Rosalie said.

“You know, Mike and Bryan did a really good show.” Emmett said.

“I hope they make more.” Carlisle said.

Azula shot a lightning bolt at Katara, but Zuko blocked it.

“No!” Edward yelled. Bella didn’t know that he liked Zuko so much.

“Man,” Alice said.

“What is it?” Bella asked.

“I know how the show will end.” Alice said. She’d wished that her powers didn’t kick in at that moment.

Azula and Katara began to fight. Alice pouted and folded her arms. Rosalie sat hesitantly on the edge of the couch. She so wanted Azula to win. But, to her surprise, Azula began to cry. Damn, she thought.

In the end, Aang and Zuko became good friends and the world was restored to peace.

“Well, Bella. It’s time to go home.” Edward said.

“What? Now?” Bella asked.

“Yes. I promised Charlie I’d bring you back by eleven.” Bella was upset of her father’s parental guidance but gave in.

“Fine, let’s go.”

“What? So soon?” Emmett asked, “but I made Avatar T-Shirt. Here’s one for you, Bella.” Bella looked at the shirt. It was a nice picture of the whole cast.

“Thank you, Emmett. Really.” Bella said. Bella and Edward walked out of the elegant home and to his car. Down the road, Edward asked her a question.

“Did you like tonight?”

Bella thought back to the restaurant Edward took her to and the time she spent with the Cullens. She finally answered.

“Yes, it was a night to remember.”

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