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If you are going to judge anything in my journal, Only say good things...

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Midnight's Moon

Chapter 1 - Corridors Of Conformity

Rainclouds were rare in the town of Pueblo; Today, I fortunately saw them, as well as their offspring of
water droplets. "Another worthless Monday nightmare."I thought as I finished putting on my basic black
clothes and accesories; Will it be different at all? Will my life change? I walked out the door and felt a
tsunami of morning dew burst into my convers. "Damn, Again... Well I guess I better get to that hellhole
known as 'school.'" Full of nothing but retards and gun toading -wanna be gangsters, Pitts Middle
School was...
"More pitiful faces in these corridors of conformity" I sighed. My friends as if in a posse practically
skipped to me as I mumbled to myself. "Hi Michael" my friends Eric, Thomas, Paige, And Devon
sung. "Rather dark and enjoyable weather we are having, yes?" I stated. They knew I only spoke of the weather when in deep thought or depressed. "Ok what's wrong?" Questioned Thomas, "I'm just ticked off."
"Was it divorce problems again?" "Part of it..." "Go on..." "God, I just wish something would happen, I'm
so tired of the crap I'm put through, I wish It could be healed away." "We could have fun if we really
try." Insisted Paige ""Ha... ha... no... I'm too tired to care, but I digress..."Ranted I "Well, to
first period I guess."
Most of the year was like that, my friends having hope and enthusiasm while I Depressed the world.
The condemned week passed, and the weekend arrived behind its' timely curtain. I had no idea how condemned my life will soon be...

Chapter 2 - Unfamiliar Moon

It was a late sunday night, I lay exhausted watching videos on a tiny chair, way too small for me. 11 o' clock
was when I passed out. I woke from a tingling exhaustion in my bladder at 2 A.M. after I relieved myself, I
walked into the kitchen and saw the pale, radiant light of the moon that I loved to my left. In my small back yard I sat in fetal position with my head staring at the strangely large piercing glow. I glimpsed at a speedy shadow behind me. Suddenly feeling uneasy, I walked back inside. Halfway through the hall, the linoleum tile
grew slightly warm... no, hot... no, blistering, scorching. "Ahhhgg, What The Hell's Goin' On?!" As the floor boiled, I eventually grew disorientated and fainted.
Blackness... Blackness... My left hand jolted through a cold, rough texture. My slimy eyelids pushed themsel- ve open as I noticed the textures were marble and concrete, which were mostly made for only sculptures. Sculptures were definately not located in the ghetto I inhabitated. In pure shock and exitement, I bounded into the air above myself. The shock grew larger as I observed the foreign, foggy landscape. Was I within a cemetary? Dream or not, I bolted toward the only structure I could spot. As I sprinted nearer and nearer to the shack, I identfied it as the gravekeepers' shed. I slowed into a jog twoard the shed. The center hinge of the thin door was unbloted, so I entered with extreme caution. I was not suprised to see a mans' body lying on the wooden panels of the floor.
I rest my ear apon his chest, no breathing... No pulse... I had no time to investigate, I decided to find my way out of the cemetary and see what dangers were ahead. Conveniently, security camera views were displayed on a computer moniter in the shed. It showed a pile of moist dirt, relevantly, next to a headstone.
I grabbed some cloths, a lighter, flashlight, and shovel. Now, a little more prepared, I left to see what exits and events were here. The walk to the unfamiliar grave was not very pleasent. I saw statues of angels weeping with swords through their limbs and appendadges, I heard whispers, and I knew I was near a boulevard from the sound of passing cars; I wish I knew where the source of those sounds were. But all I could think about were the corpse of the grave keeper, and the shadow in my backyard; Were they somehow related?

Chapter 3 - Angels And Demons

Finally, the eerie stroll was at an end. I had finally found the hole, I confidently investigated it and found that there were imprints from a coffin lying within the grave; But no coffin...I strolled at about a 50 feet perimeter to find this "grave robber." near a large marble crypt, I started taking startled baby steps to my left when I sensed an obvious whisper of, "Dude, shut the ******** up... I see him..." I swore I was sweating nervousl- y even though it was freezing here as I heard frosty autumn grass crunch below my shoes. Rotten skin and veins scattered on a fleshy skull flew into my vision, instinct forced me to strike it in the mouth, the face imploded and the carcass flew backward. The b*****d threw a damn corpse at me! I sprinted after the robber through the fog and headstones. Along the way I caught glimpses of more shadows at my sides, but I wouldn't get distracted. Next thing I saw was the grass in my face, I guess I fell, I look up to find not one, but two robb- ers above me.
They spoke, "What should we do with the body?" "Which one?" "Shut up, now's no time to ******** around..." I
struck the one I wasn't chasing earlier who both tripped me and had his foot on me right in the ankle with my shovel, then ran away quickly to the shed, which I hope they hadn't seen. The idea was a horrible one, because I soon discovered that they wielded 10mm submachine guns in their thick jackets. At the top of my lungs I screamed. "Are you kidding me? Machine Guns?!" The one I hit in the ankle was being carried by his partner and replied "Hell yeah, little p***k! Wanna see what I'm gonna do with it?!" He then shot a full round at me and hit about 34 headstones, then barely missed the tip of my nose, instead, hitting a pine tree; While he reloaded, I took the opprotunity to evade then rolled behind a statuette of more weeping angels. To my luck they passed, while probably following another shadow.
I darted through shelves and drawers and boxes looking for a better weapon. A devious smirk grew apon my face when I spotted a silenced 44. Magnum with 24 rounds in a conveniently open tin! As soon as I thought it was time for payback, I heard startling banging on the locked shack door...

Chapter 4 - Dawn of Dead - Time

"Kid! You gotta let me in! We're sorry for earlier, but their walking! Hurry!" I knew it was the walking robber, but even if he tried to attack me, I could just blow his guts on the wall! So, I let him in. I questioned :Walking? Who?" "The bodies; The ******** corpses move! It may sound crazy but I know what I saw!" "Where's your friend?" "That's what I've been trying to say! We need to be quick! GO!"
He was right, as he pushed me out the door, zombies... The carcasses were walking! He gripped my wrist tightly and pulled me on the slippery grass. Some of the zombies were quick, we were like a team though, he shot ones who got too close in front, I shot ones who got too close in back, I waited til they were about right next to me. I was new with pistols and needed bigger targets than this guy did.
We arrived by his brother, and must have saved his a** too, he obviously fended them off for a while when he was down, but ran out of ammo. Nearing the sensation of being mauled by a zombie, his friend shot it right in the cheek. "I told you I wouldn't abandon you, Matt." "Thanks, big brother; Wait, what are you doing with that p***k?!" He growled at me. "He helped me find you, we'll talk later, we need to get outta here, NOW! Kid, you got a nice toy there, use it and cover us." So we kept passing more blood, gore, and monsters, and I was getting pretty good with a gun in my hand. But then the worst happened, *click* *click*... "********! I'm out of ammo!" Mine was just a 44; I couldn't use their ammo then, Matt was out of ammo and the other guy had no gun.
"You brave, kid?" The man asked. "I guess... BUT WHY DOES THAT MATTER!?" "Your'e going melee!" said the guy, who then handed me a serated combat knife. "Dammit, fine then... Here I go..." I was already pretty good with a blade and ran in cirlces slashing, lunging, and cutting. "YEAH! One in heart, One in head! Ten points!" Exclaimed I. "Having fun? Well, I guess you better celebrate, cuz' our apartments are over their!" He pointed forward - left-ish toward large brick buildings while we stepped into a prarie next to the cemetary.
About 25 feet into the prarie, the tall, yellow grass blazed into a detailed form of a satanic pentegram. A Magma - red crevice split in the center of the horrifying icon. When I thought Nothing could be scarier, The car noises of the freeway suddenly stopped, thunder struck the area, and worse of all, the crevice grew larger and a hairy, masculine figure with hooves tore its' way out. And the statues of all the angels animated and tore blades out of their stony bodies. They levitated toward our party, glimpsed at us for a short moment, then started rending flesh off the demons and zombies. A three - way, full fledged war, and we were in the middle of it all.

Chapter 5 - All Work, And No Rage

Just as anyone would, we ran. We tried to dodge all the attacks and lightning. I continued slashing, but only once in the throat, we were in a hurry and I couldn't insure death on contact. I was thinking to myself, "Quarter - way there, to the left! *SLASH* Lightning, gotta push the brothers, good, half - way there." "FASTER!" I screamed when I spotted a huge demon atronach behind us. "We can't stop now! Go go go go go go gogogogogogoo!" Some angels kindly soared in the monsters' path and took care of him.

The fog had rizen again right when we were about 15 feet away from the apartments, which was probably the thing hiding this whole scene, that must've stopped the sound of the freeway as well. Once we arrived at the brothers' apartment,
it seemed as if none of that chaos just happened, I stuck my head through the fog just to make sure it did. Blood, limbs, corpses, monsters, and people with bird wings, yep... It existed...

Chapter 6 - The First Reveal

The brothers invited me into their home, they explained they heard the ACTUAL grave robbers about the same time I woke up at two; And that they were investigating on the corpse they threw at me to see why anyone would want to dig them up. They threw it at me because they thought I was the accomplice in the crime, the big brother who could walk, Devin, was the REAL gravekeeper and the corpse in the shack was a graverobber going after his Magnum, which he oh, so generously let me keep. That all explained why he lived next to a graveyard and had so many weapons. "But why don't you stay in the shed?" I asked; "Whoa that's WAY too dangerous! Plus, you can see the whole cemetary here, past the fog." The battle was still going on, but with no extremely epic lightning storm. "Why did you take Matt with you?" "Why leave him alone with two grave robbers on the loose, who are willing to kill to keep their crime a secret?" "Good point... Well, that was eye opening, but what was with the whole entire Demon - Angel - Zombie thing?" "I'll research it, hey, your a part of this now, so if you ever need a peice or ammo, I gotcha covered. Free as well!"
"Thanks guys, tell me what you discover about this mess, I'll go back in to clean it up." The brothers gave me 112 rounds, a sharper combat knife, and some battle gear: holster, sheathe, boots, goggles, a bag, and black attire."Wow, they did just, too much for me, I broke Matt's ankle and still, wow." I kept narrating that srange moment in my head, though it might have been a stipud decision, I entered the cemetary again since I was prepared. To my suprise, the blood and limbs were still left, but the pentegram was gone, and so were the zombies, the angels, and the demons. I explored, armed with my two new toys, and gear. I could tell Devin was watching me, but I couldn't see past the fog, weird, I guess it was an altitude thing...

Chapter 7 - Shinigami 'R' Us

Something moving fast, pouncing off the trees was in the distance, it looked like a demon, but no horns, no tail, no hooves, and was too lanky. I approached the figure cautionly, and now it was walking anatomicallylike a human toward me, now a second jumped in, I was frightened and shot at one, it became a speeding blur, heading straight for ME...
It stopped one foot in front of me. It took it's hood off and I saw that it was a girl, she seemed human and spoke to me, she said her name was Jenae. I recognized her from my literature class at school, she was one of the few people I actually accepted at that place. She questioned "What squad are yo from? You seem startled..." "Seeming as I am in the middle of a war between zombies, angels, and monsters, I guess I would be, yes..." "No time for further questions, come with me."
I followed Jenae and her partner/ pet dragon, Zephryn, to a nearby empty Loaf 'n' Jug, in which I quickly grabbed water and Monster energy drinks. "The trip to our destination will be an eerie one, stay on your toes" Jenae informed. I was expecting it to be an alley at the back of the store, but I underestimated her strenghts when we arrived in a monster - infested cellar. "It was fragrant and flowery down here before the, incident." She sarcastically added "Ha! Ha, just like how you were a pretty - pink princess and Mr. Scaly here was a yellow squirrel!" After I stated that opinion, a rotting skull bit me in the shoulder. Jenae, as if a cheeta, lunged at in in the left eye socket. "You deserved that, karma I guess, huh?" "Fine, you win.. I'll stop talking."
She wasn't kidding about the cellar, now a cavern, being long; We swept the whole cave clean of enemies, and we began getting along. as we conversed of the "incident," we came across large gates studded with a design of scales balancing a pentagram and cross with two scythes forming an X behind it. I started getting a basic idea of what was going on, maybe they were behind this! Like off of the horror movies, how secret society experiments get out of hand and create flesh eating zombies!
Jenae grabbed the left sycthe and pushed the cross on the right scale up; then stabbed the scythe back in, but with the sharp side facing us, then grabbed the right scythe, pushed the pentagram scale up, and stabbed it in the same as the first one. Just as soon as she did that, the cave quaked, and writing blazed in green energy along the door, an extremely creepy, almost demonic voice spoke, "My sister, state your bussiness." Jenae replied, "Grimm sent me, I have a new recruit; Any other pointless questions for us?" The voice cowered, "Umm, no my sister, carry on."
I was amazed to see a whole city under Pueblo. Torches fueling purple flames which illuminated the dark cobblestone roads; The architecture was all black and gothic, very well designed and supported with skull columns. Pillars with guard gargoyles surrounded all busy crossroads and major buildings. And the townspeople were just fantastic, Elves, Vampires, Human sized - peaceful demons and fallen angels along with more scourge. "Welcome to the underworld! You reallymust love it here." Said Jenae. "This place is awesome you guys! I never knew Loaf 'n' Jug was the portal to another dimension!" Exclaimed me. Jenae giggled "HA! I never noticed how funny that sounded until you metioned that! Well, woul you like to stay here?" "Are you kidding, Yes!" "Well, we're about to speak with Grimm, my boss. He'll decide if you're worthy."

Chapter 8 - Mr. Kandy

Jenae led me to a huge, black, skeleton fortress lit by what looked like orbs of green light. "When we speak with him, don't call him Grimm; Try to stay on his good side and call him Mr. Kandy. Keep your eyes on him, I know the building is impressive, but do NOT get distracted, you'll need to remember everything he says, because that is all he says." Informed Jenae.
The guards here were much different here. I thought they were just part of the architecture, but when a skeleton longsword stabbed into my path, my eyes traveled up its' arm until I spotted blazing red eyes behind a Midnight black stone cloack. Jenae pulled my arm into the fortress before I could observe the whole giant. "Another one? It seems no one is doing their job good enough." spoke a raspy, ancient voice. " Let me see your face child," I turned. "What brings him here, sister?" Spoke the voice. Jenae replied "He eliminated every target in the cemetary case. Sir...; I think he was the child from the astral disturbance incident." "I see, I see, leave us sister, he'll be sent to the tower soon." "Sir." Jenae walked out, soon after, the stone guards closed the front gate.
I expected the worst automatically. "Ha ha ha ha he he ho! *snort!* Child, we've been expecting you, it seems we are in need of your powers; Do you accept?" "If it means staying here in this place, with these people, yes!" "Yes, we will get to that part soon enough; but hear me out, we need you. We are the Shinigami Society; We maintain the peace and harmony of the dark plain's forces. But not to long ago, there was an 'incident' in the astral plain, this incident was so, Entering the subconcious state of soul, YOU gained control of the dream and dark world by reciting a sacred immortal spell in your sleep. So, as one naturally would, you started dreaming, apparently of chaos coming to the physical world, also known as the dimension of balance; As a result, the scourge, Beezlebub's forces, and Christ's forces had risen from here, (the Underworld) Heaven, and Hell." "I'm very sorry Gri-... Mr.Kandy... I didn't know that I even had such pow-" Mr. Kandy lounged calmly."-Child, calm... Not any immortal can decide his dreams, his fate, not even God his self; Nor the Devil. You are not blamed for your actions, my son." "Let's carry on, you said you needed my 'powers?'What powers do I have?"
"Concentrate, close your eyes and feel as if your body is weary and weak;" I grew sore and tired. "Now, as if magic, heal your 'wounds.' you feel replenished and you rise into the air; While airbourne, nothing can touch or harm you. You start a sense of security and joy, your muscles all relax as if you are sleeping in the wind's canopy." My body tingled all over and I was sleepy. "Open your eyes, child." I did, still sleepy, but awakened very quickly to the sight of not ground below my feet, but air, with the ground a some 20 feet down. "HOLY CRAP! I'm flying! Wooooooooo!" somehow, the exitement boosted me higher, too high...
Spiny bone stalagtites sit right above me."Let me down! AHHHH!" I grew even more exited, and went faster up. "Slow down, Child!" "You do not know how much I wish I could!" "Concentrate on letting your heart beat slower!" closed my eyes, which frightened me even more, I felt air brush against the back of my head. *SLICE!CRACK!* "AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaa"
"The void, is..calling....y........body..........end...souls....doom."

Chapter 9 - School Is Fun!!!

I woke on my bed, in my room... Was that real? It was just too amazing to be dream... Any way, it was a Monday and I needed to get to school. I equipped all my clothes then walked to the door, as I opened it, I noticed Jenae in her normal kid clothes. "Ready for school?" She said. "Hello there, why might you be here." She walked in, "Kandy sent me, he said he doesn't want any casualties. And after all, you can't be late, It's picture day!" "Ummmm... Ok..." We met with our other friends on the cold, wondefully cloudy trip to school. The last friend we met up with was Eric. "Should we tell them?" I asked. "About what, The Scourge?" Jenae replied. "Yeah, we need to tell them eventually, friends don't keep secrets THIS big from eachother; We have to." "We'll wait 'till they have a sighting, something tells me we're going to have one soon..." "Creepy..." I knew what she said probably involved my "Training" that I heard Kandy speaking of. We arrived at school and all our friends spoke with each other. Jenae and I privately talked about The Incident when suddenly Eric interrupted. "Nice moves you guys had in the graveyard!" He said. "Wait, WHAT!?!" Jenae and I exclaimed. Jenae screamed "How did youknow abou-" The ground tremored, "Holy Crap!" Yelled a student. Scourge Had risen from the earth and Angels Jumped from the steeple of a nearby Cathedral. "Don't eleminate the dead, there on our side, Michael!" Jenae said. "The only thing I'm wondering is why is there a random Cathedral here?" Children ran inside the building while we shot and slashed and our friends viewed in awe. They were weirdos... But tomy suprise, Eric randomly popped blades from his gloves and shoes, rending flesh from Angels and Scourge. "Eric! The Scourge are on our side, dumbass!" Jenae informed. "I have no side." Eric mumbled while gouging. "Ooh, super - badass aren't you!? Stop stabbing them!" I said. "Michael, prevent Eric from killing scourge while I take the Angels." "Ok." I ran next to Eric and deflected his blows that were meant to strike the zombies behind me. "Back off!" "Get out of my way!" "Only if you kill only the Angels." "So be it." He jumped up to the winged foes' level, staying up by bouncing off telephone poles and trees. We three slayed all but one Angels; I raced for the kill and pounced in the air. Right when I stabbed the target, it dissolved away to a different position, Above the steeple. The Angel shot its' hand up to the clouds. Lightning struck the top of the steeple, and the light rised from the roof forming into a bow - looking weapon that layed itself into the angels' palm. "How could it shoot us with no quiver?" I thought to myself. My foolish question was soon answered when electricity formed from an imprinted crystal in the jewelry of the right palm. Next thing I knew, a lightning bolt dashed next to my cheek. "Damn that's cool!" My friend Devon shouted "Oh! sorry guys! I meant to say GET 'EM!"
"The Angel will be quite a challenge with that lightning bow, but it seems it cannot shoot without that crystal." I thought to myself... "You guys, I have an Idea! Come here!" "We'll try..." Jenae said. We strangely huddled together as if we were in a football game. "You guys, are you sure you want to be doing that now?" My friend Thomas said. "Let them plan, that angel is only charging a bigger arrow!" Another friend, Courtny, said.
"Ok, Jenae, you have the most stealth training, so this mission will require your assistance. Eric and I will Keep slashing at the Angel, since my gun has no effect; While you fog yourself, blending with whatever you can to creep up and take that gem on its' right palm. Sound good?" Jenae replied,"Yeah, but be aware that it might go melee." "I'm aware of that." "Whatever..." Added Eric. "Kay, *clap* break!" Eric and I ran to the Angel, Who shot a HUGE blast at us that charged while we planned. We pushed our legs to the ground and bounded into the air. I noticed how I ran and jumped alot higher, what did Kandy do to me?
My thoughts were interrupted by; *VROOM!* *SCREECH!* Then suddenlythe angel spoke, "You!" Its' voice grew raspy and angry; "How dare you try to trick me! You damned sinners will pay!" I figured out that while Jenae was in the street, a van nearly ran her over by her transperancy and swirved into the church, getting the Angel's attention. The Angel then grew a crystal longsword from it's gemstone, lunging it in the air towards Jenae's direction. I took my chance and grabbed the Angel's neck. A very disturbing, nerve ripping shock on the left of my abdomen struck me, I looked down and saw it was the Angel's sword.
I lost control of myself and had a bloodrage tantrum. I ignored the shock, grabbed the whole sword, stabbed it into the Angel's belly, twisted it around, and jolted it out via My enemie's side. A gold, blood-like liquid poured out along with strips of robe and flesh and intestines. I kept going, I stabbed it in the chest Five times and lay the sword along the Angel's shoulder, hilt against the neck.
I screamed psychotically, "NO MERCY!" I slid the hilt backward, the blade met The Angel's neck, and I heard the juggular vein snap, It's head hanging on by a strip of flesh was what I saw As I gained control of my body, I fell from the air, which was weird because I didn't even know I was airbourne. "Devon, It seemed you wanted this, Merry Christmas." I threw her the bow and crystal. I could tell I was bleeding horribly and I broke a rib or two, but the adrenaline made the pain go away. I walked with my friends into the school.
Fellow students were staring at me with their mouths wide open and their eyes in awe. I stumbled to the 7th grader wing and yelled, "Move along, you kids need to get to 1st hour!" A few teachers walked up to me and stated, "You need to get to a hospital!" I answered, "So long as you tell your boss to keep this a secret, or that happens to YOU!" "Ok! Sorry! We'll tell the ambulance you got hurt in Woodshop class!"
I was getting hassled by a bunch of wanna - be - gangster retards who alternately were saying things like, "You are awesome! What I always said, you knew I was joking right?" All the voices and screaming in the halls was common, but I grew drowsy and my head pounded from the voices. My vision got a lot slower and the smiling, awe - filled faces faded into frightened frowns and screams. I saw that I started falling, as I tilted to the right, I saw the demon atronach again and Jenae ran to it. But, I couldn't spy the scene because the thunk of my head hitting the ground blacked out my vision.
I was able to think to myself completely and could hear, But I couldn't move or see. I knew I was with my parents and friends in an ambulance van,my parents were asking crazily at what happened. Jenae told my parents and my friends about the incident, they didn't beleive her, so Devon showed them the shock bow and angel's gemstone. They beleived then! I thought to myself, "Damn, my side hurts! And why is it that I'm the one who always passes out?!"

I have yet to add more!

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