Crimson Pool

Come and join me,
In this crimson pool.
Let's go for a swim.
Just me and you.
Remember when,
The water was so clear?
When we were in love?
And you had my heart?
Many nights,
I have laid awake.
Wondering what it would take,
To stop me from thinking of you.
Why can't I at least hate you?
You left me.
And the pool grew,
Flowing from my pierced heart.
Yet still I want you.
Still I crave for you.
For everything about you.
But she has you instead doesn't she?
So here I am,
My inhibitions and hopes naked.
Open to the pain you continue to cause.
Swimming alone and lost.
This crimson pool is so empty,
So solitary.
All because of you.
Couldn't you please,
Just come swim one last time with me?