Well hello journal!

No one ever reads this but meh' -shrugs- I still write in it anyways.

Okay, me and Chris are getting married In March on the 16! WOOT!! WOOT!! Can't wait <3 But What sucks is I'm still stuck in the same old job as always....man I need a change! Ugggg stupid economy! Well it least I got a job though <3 Love Chris and Momo <3 But bummer one of the birds died. >_<
We're moving back with the parents for a bit to save up alittle for the future and for me to attempt to go to school if I can get the money I need for it. But if not no biggy..I'll just aim a little harder to be what I wanted to be in the first place! A dog groomer <3 WISH ME LUCK!

........Always Render