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Zebra Chicka's Random writings I'm just going to write random stuff in here.. lol Probably just the random thoughts that POP into my head.

zebra chicka
Community Member
Chapter 1: Inevitable
" Hey mom? I'm going to go plant my avocado tree across the street," I said.
"You be careful out there, who knows what kind of creeps might be lurking out there."
"I know mom, you ALWAYS tell me that. Besides, I have a big shovel with me. If anyone tries anything, I'll knock them out," I replied as I pretended to whack someone over the head.
I walked across the street and started looking for a good spot for my tree. "Man it's so hot out," I thought out loud.
My mom had complained about water dripping all over our porch from the lady's countless plants from upstairs to our apartment manager. A week or two later, everyone got notices on their door saying that we can only have two potted plants on our porch, and they must not grow higher than the rail. Great going mom... So, here I was out planting my avocado tree because of my mom's stupid complaints. Just then, I found the perfect spot. My tree would get a lot of sun and rain without pine trees threatening to take over. So, I started the long task of digging. Then, very faintly I heard someone say my name. "Katelynn..." it said again.
"Who's out there?" I asked as I looked around me. I was gripping the shovel so tight that my knuckles turned white. "Helloooooo? Is there anyone there?" Nobody answered, so I cautiously turned around and started to dig, faster than before. All I wanted to do was get back home. The hole I'd been digging was about a foot deep now. I had to make the hole deep enough so my tree wouldn't fall over. "Lets see," I said. "My tree is about... four inches taller than me and I'm five foot, four... So that's five foot eight.. I guess I should at least make the hole two feet deep." So I kept digging. One last tome I shoved my shovel into the dirt. Then a blast of cold air enveloped me. I screamed as my shovel slipped out of my hand and fell through the hole I'd been digging, into a dark... cave? "Oh crud! If I don't get the shovel, mom's gonna kill me, but... It looks creepy in there!"
Before I knew it, my feet were dragging my in. I seemed to have lost all of my free will. then I fell through the hole and landed on solid ground about six feet down. Great. Now I was stuck... "I'm gonna die.. Nobody is going to know what happened to me. I'm going to starve to death!!" I started to hyperventilate. then a little voice in my head said, Katelynn, calm down.. deep breaths..
That calmed me down a little. I found my shovel and started to look around, but it was too dark. Light, light.. I need a light. Then I remembered my little rubber duck key chain light that my boyfriend, Brien gave me for Christmas. It made a quacking sound every time I pushed the on button. It would be annoying, but I had to take a look around to see if there was any way out. Finally, after a lot of searching, I found a ladder with a hatch at the top. So I started to climb, but my body wouldn't do as it was told. Then I heard it again, "Katelynn...."
then my body started to follow the voice. I couldn't help it. No matter what I did, I couldn't stop. I was being drawn further and further from my only escape.

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