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That'll put marzapan in your pie plate bingo!
Love Story

I realize that everyone thinks their tale of romance is unlike any other…well mine is just exactly like any other love story….The first time I remember seeing him was when I was a Junior in high school…he was wearing bright red gothic pants and a black band t-shirt…it was lunch time and my goofy “friends” were talking about boys or sex or shopping…I wasn’t really paying attention because I was focused on him… His hair was feathery brown and went past his ears in that rock star sort of way…and the funniest thing was who he was talking to…one of the guys was actually one that I had hung out with a lot the semester before!…shy me never really spoke to him…I had gone through a breakup from a guy that was one of the biggest rednecks in the world which if you haven’t noticed isn’t exactly my type…so I wasn‘t big on talking during my junior year…After that tragic excuse for a relationship ended I automatically rebounded onto a surfer wannabe and we were together for the last of my Junior year and part of my Senior year (just a few days past Valentine’s Day) until he dumped me for a girl he had been dating while seeing me…sadly my dream guy had graduated my Junior year and for all I knew was in Timbuktu by then…prom slowly approached and so did my senior project, the topic was “Teenage Suicide and Destructive Decisions” but I’ll get to that later…I was heartbroken for the last time, and though my cousin tried her hardest to set me up with this one guy she knew, I refused…one day I went into Food Lion with her and my mother to get groceries, I should have known she was up to something the moment she asked us to go with her but it was a chance for me to load back up on chocolate so I walked blindly into her trap… when I went to the register with them I browsed the magazines before leaning onto the counter, watching the purchases slide down to the cashier…this cashier was very impressive, I noticed this when the items were quickly rung up…so I took a quick glance…that guy…that same handsome guy from lunch a year ago was behind the counter ringing up my cousin’s items with a glazed look on his face, never looking up from the scanner but still moving at lightening speed…embarrassed by my couch potato appearance I quickly turned my back to him and pretended to be interested in some movie in a bin…it seemed like eternity before his angelic voice called out my cousin’s total…When they joined me in the car she announced that the god of a man I had swooned over was the same guy that she thought I should talk to about prom…a few days later my cousin, mother, and I took an innocent trip to the neighborhood Wal-mart…to everyone’s surprise guess who was there…that’s right…Mr. Right…he was there with another one of my old friends…My cousin openly started a discussion with him!…I talked to the friend for a while but I found myself alone with him before I knew what was happening!…He looked amazing too!…he was wearing the hottest Ninja garb ever and his beautiful greenish blue eyes stared right through me… he shifted on his feet like he was nervous, but that was impossible!…We stood with flirtatious glances for a long time and then his glorious voice spoke and told me that he liked my shirt!…That’s right, he liked my oversized Death Note t-shirt!…I said thanks an babbled a few lines about the show before he left with his friend and I ran in pure embarrassment to hide under my cousin…no more than a week passed and all I could think about was him…I dreamt of him, when I went to class my mind only thought of him…at lunch, HIM!…Something had to be done about my obsession…so I made up an excuse to see him again…remember when I mentioned my senior project?…well…I told my mom that I was out of drinks and we went to Food Lion that day…my luck would have been that he was off of work or had quit, but no…he was there…I gathered up two Code Red’s and two Dr. Pepper’s which with my little arms seemed like much more than that…they were very heavy and I looked like a dork…he glanced up at me when I walked up to his register and smirked…that smirk prompted a chain reaction in my joints aka I dropped the drinks and practically threw them at him…I hesitantly gave him a sheet of paper, a flyer for my Suicide Awareness walk and dumbly told him about it…he took my money and put the flyer to the side...I’m not sure what got into me, fate maybe?…but…guess what happened next…I said that my number was on the flyer and he could give me a call sometime…yeah…I actually said that…I didn’t imagine it, it happened!…And even more surprising…he called!!!…I was sitting at home, typing my Senior Project paper and he called!…we talked about the walk and he made jokes…we shared every similar interest that we could think of and ended up talking for hours…I even mentioned not having a date for prom and he actually said he would go with me…we talked on the phone for a few days after that and one day he and his two buddies came over…after that we spent almost every night hanging out at my house, the four of us, and the Wii was used more than it ever had been…on April ninth he met me at Mayflower Seafood Restaurant and ate dinner with my family for my Papa’s birthday…that night he came to my house with his buddies again…and we went into my room to talk alone…we started talking about the surfer jerk and how I was ready to move on…he asked if I could move on with him…still a little nervous I said yes and we have been together ever since…He looked like a prince at prom and I now call him my Dark Prince.

Do you want to know something?…Not a day goes by when I’m not totally in love with him…And not a moment passes that I’m not thinking about him…We’re married, and a lifetime with him = more than wonderful…

heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart

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  • [01/17/09 04:01am]
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