Today I deleted my avatar and remade myself into a human. Hahaha.

Anyway! Today's journal-entry theme is going to be completely random! Off we go to HR's ramblings! (HR = healing rain. I will also respond to Awaken, which is a short version of my pen name.)

I've found myself loving fanfiction. A lot. So I got myself an account at and started reading and writing. Fanfiction is my anti-drug! Because, seriously, who has the time to do drugs when you're busy plotting, reading, reviewing, writing, editing, and in some cases, beta-reading? I'm serious. My account is .awaken.the.dawn. , you can find me here. Please leave a review or two, or at least read the stories! You don't have to be a member to do those things, you know.

And now for some lame yet cute fanfic-inspired pick-up lines:

"You see, I hurt myself...when I fell head over heels for you!"
"Help! I've fallen for you and I can't get up!"
Is it normal to be so easily amused? Darn humans and all their whatnot. hahahaha.

Dang, it's midnight. Well, off I go to sleep! Good night, and later!