hahah, yeah, I'm Angie THE EVIL CATFISH OVERLORD! *ahem* Anyhow, this is my first Journal on Gaia.... I usually do daily journal entries on DeviantArt, so never really bothered doing a journal on here, but I thought I may as well.

Not really all that much to say, except that I finished College recently, now I'll only get to see my beloved Minion when we plan something, crying And I'm so used to seeing her almost everyday crying It sux!
But I'm sure I'll survive, somehow..... sweatdrop
We had a screening of for our animation class too, yesterday, which was awesome! I brought my Emi with me and My Ma came too and Shaun Bunny! 4laugh

Also lately my family's been going through some finacial troubles, so we've been gatting free food from the church, and get this my Dad, for some crazy reason decided to get canned potatoes! I'd never even heard of that before!!! Isn't that just wierd sounding!!! 0_o

Anyhow, that's all from me right now, if you wanna see more of my art check out my DA http://bakamichi.deviantart.com/