Hmmnn haven't really done one of these for a while...not quite sure where to start.

Ok the obvious biggy; FIRST KISS!!!!!! Shame the guy lives a lonngggg way from me. Stupid Kingaroy and it's perfect guys.

OhHHh the bad one...I guess I have to put it....I have 6 or 7 assignments to do over the holidays. I'm gonna do them today ]:

Easter; I feel sorta sick, but it was so much fun....gonna need to do some seroius exersise and skin cleansing before i can show my face at school though.

I feel a tad betrayed by my friend...I don't think she knows why yet...ah well I'll get over it.

Have to pack for camp...not sure if it'll be any good or not, friendship camps never are, are they? At least my house group is on the same bus as the two houses that my best friends are in, well some of them anyway.

I actually managed to finish writing something instead of abandoning it halfway through to start a new one...I'm so proud...I think I might send it to a publisher soon.

Oh god I just remembered I have to learn the routine and song for the copycats competion (try saying that one 10 times xP) It's this stupid but fun thing where all the pc groups in my school lipsynch a song and learn a routine for it. Mine you ask? Mickey...not a bad song, that is unless you have to wear cheerleading outfits compelete with pompoms and piggytails and do a cheerleading routine, shall be loaaddsss of fun. rolleyes apparently I need to practice a BIG smile biggrin

lol i also got punched in the face...don't ask me why, it's times like these I'm glad I do kickboxing.

So that's pretty much it for me...Not sure when my next entry will be. At this rate probably Christmas. 4laugh