Recently ive been debating the ever long debate of who would win: Halo's Master Chief or Metroid's Samus Aran. I've come to a couple of conclusions:
In a universe without limitations, where you can make anyone do anything (like run at the speed of sound), samus would win. Ive read about her endless set of impossible abilities and realized that the creaters did not intend for her to have any kind of limit.
while the Master Chief is based in a universe where everything is explained. He's limited by the laws of physics and capabilities. the halo universe is based in the future of our universe, so it's not possible for one man to have all these impossible ablilities.
so in samus's universe, she'd win because she has not limits apparently.
but in the chief's universe, samus would be severely limited. a lot of her ablilities would be gone or handicapped.