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"where'd this fog come from?" dad asked as he slowed down the car. "i cant see five feet in front of us." The fog seemed to flood in on us all of a sudden. It swirled around the highway like smoke. the fog was so thick, the car's head lights couldnt cut throught it. We were on our way to the tiny town of Maynard, a flyspeck on a map in the middle of Nowhere. My big sister, who was a forward for her high school basketball team, was playing. "We probably should have taken that other road." muttered dad. " and to top it all off. we're almost out of gas.". " there has to be somthing out there" i said. I was trying to reassure myself. there was nothing i could see but the fog and the road. I could almost make out the black, spidery tops of tree branches that poked thru the mist. dad stoppped the car. " im going to look at the map again.". "i wish there was somebody that i could ask" i said to myself. BOOM,BOOM,BOOM. a fist thudded on the glas next to my father. we both jumped. a girl, about the same age as me... nine years old..., peered through the window. her skin looked pale in the fog. she wore an old dres. like ones ive seen in faded pictures. from about 30 years ago. she stared at us with her dark eyes that resembled two chunks of coal in the snow. Puzzled, my dad rolled down the window. " what are you doing out here?" " its my father" she said finally. " i think hes terribly hurt". We walked for what seemed like forever. My dad told me to stay in the car with locked doors,but i was too scared to do that. As we walked along side the road, no other cars passed by. The girl didnt speak the entire time. Even when dad asked her questions. Not one word. She brought us to a car that was about as old as her dress. It had skidded off the road and smashed into a tree. I could see the figure of a man slumped over the wheel. "my father" she pointed. Dad tried the drivers door. He couldnt unlock it. Grabbing a rock, dad tried to smash the window. The man inside didnt move. CRASH. The window shattered into tiny shiny diamonds. Dad leaned in and grabbed the man and dragged him out. Dad laid him on the moist ground. Like his daughter, the man wore clothes that were long out of date. He finally awoke. " Where....What happened?" " Daddy," the girl hugged her father. The man tried to rise. He couldnt. "Are you okay?" My dad asked. " Im having trouble moving my legs. Can you get help?". Dad and I walked up the road 5 miles. "I need to use your phone" Dad said. The cashier pointed outside. "booth outside right around the corner." "My cell phone doesnt get resception out here. But theres been an accident." "Wheres the accident?" "5 mile down the road." Dad said. "Anybody hurt?" "Damon Crane,pretty bad id say." They were headed out the door when the cashier said, "Did you say Damon Crane?". Dad nodded. "Yes." "You wont need to call for help then." "What do you mean?"Dad asked confused. "Damon Crane and his daughter....died 30 years ago." The Father and the child appeared outside the gas station. (screams making everyone jump)

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