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My special diary
1. The Clash or The Damned? Idk
2. Elvis Presley or Eddie Cochran? IDK!!!
3. The Beatles or The Stones? Um... beatles?
4. Andre 3000 or Big Boi? n/a
5. Elliott Smith or Nick Drake? n/a
6. HIM or The 69 Eyes? n/a
7. The Killers or Franz Ferdinand? The Killers
8. Oasis or Blur? n/a
9. Morrissey or Marr? (Johnny, that is) n/a
10. The Beat or The Specials? n/a

11. Fastlane or Miami Vice? n/a
12. Angel or Buffy? Buffy
13. Knight Rider or Magnum PI? n/a
14. Criss Angel or Lance Burton? n/a
15. Entourage or Sex In The City? STC♥
16. Kyle XY or Roswell? n/a
17. Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends or The Grim Adventures of Billy And Mandy? Grim♥♥♥
18. Zorak or Brak? n/a
19. Batman: The Brave and The Bold or Wolverine and The X-Men? Wolverine♥♥
20. Kill Your Television or Throw Away Your Television? n/a?

21. Underworld or Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans? Underworld
22. Kate Beckinsale or Rachel McAdams? n/a
23. Batman Forever or Batman Begins? Batman...idk?
24. Brandon Routh or Christian Bale? n/a
25. Curse Of The Black Pearl or Deadman's Chest? Deadman♥
26. Freaky Friday the original or Freaky Friday the remake? Original
27. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory or Charlie an the Chocolate Factory? Charlie
28. Serendipity or Must Love Dogs? Serendipity♥
29. Stuart Townsend or Cillian Murphy? n/a
30. Bandwagon or Empire Records? n/a

31. Batman or Superman? Batman♥♥♥
32. Robin I or Robin III? (Robin 2 wasn't around long enuff to count, and forget Spoiler whee ) Robin III
33. The Punisher or The Crow? n/a?
34. X Men or Fantastic 4? X men♥♥♥
35. Kyle Rayner or Hal Jordon? (Green Lanterns) Hal
36. Batgirl I or Batgirl II? Batgirl I
37. Green Arrow or Daredevil? Green Arrow
38. Dream or Death? Death♥
39. Delirium or Desire? Delirium
40. Gambit or Rogue? Rogue

41. Inu Yasha or Ranma 1/2 ? Inuyasha smile
42. Ryoko or Ayeka? Idk
43. Spike Speigel or Lupin? Lupin♥♥♥
44. One Piece or Naruto? Neither!
45. Sailor Moon or Sailor Mars? Moon♥
46. Knights Of The Zodiac or Ronin Warriors? Neither
47. Gundam Wing or Gundam Seed? n/a
48. Heero Yuy or Duo Maxwell? n/a
49. Chobits or Video Girl Ai? n/a
50. Wolf's Rain or Witchhunter Robin? Wolf

51. Coke or Pepsi? Coke♥♥♥
52. Fisch or Chicken? Fish♥♥
53. Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate♥♥♥
54. White bread or Wheat bread? Wheat!
55. Sweet or Salty? Both
56. Health food or Junk food? Health... no.. both
57. Hot Dog or Burger? Hotdog all the way!♥♥
58. Pretzels or Chips/Crisps whee ? Pretz
59. Coffe or Tea? COFFEE♥
60. Apples or Oranges? Oranges

61. Shorts or Pants? Pants bby smile
62. Cotton or Polyester? Both
63. Cowboy hat or Top hat? Top hat duh
64. Sneakers or Boots? Boots♥
65. Wristband or Wristwatch? Wristband smile
66. Glitter or Sequins? Gliiitter♥♥
67. Black Lipstick or Crimson Lipstick? Crimson♥♥
68. Long nails or short nails? Long-ish
69. Tie or Bow Tie? TIE♥♥♥...or both
70. Long hair or short hair? Short bby ♥♥

71. Devil Tail or D-Halo Tail? D-halo
72. Fairy Wings or Butterfly Mantillawingthingies? Butterfly♥♥
73. Penguin Slippers or Seal Slippers? Penguin! smile
74. Peasant Clothes or Starter Sets? Starter lol
75. Newbies or Oldbies? Oldbies smile like me
76. Spirited or Jacked Up? Spirited♥♥
77. WordBUMP or Elektrik Looooove Faktori? Wordbump! originals
78. Slots or Black Jack? Slots bby
79. Guppies or Seedkins? Guppies, duh
80. Demonbow or Angelbow? Demon♥♥♥

81. Having a toe amputated or making out with someone you hate? Make out♥
82. Stuck on a desert island or cold barren mountain? Island
83. Eating bugs or eating vomit? BUGS sad
84. Naked in public or dressed as a giant hotdog in public? Hotdog smile
85. Caught picking your nose or caught scratching your a**? Nose
86. No sleep for 2 days or no food for 2 days? No food
87. Extreme heat or extreme cold? COLD
88. Being shot or Being stabbed? Being shot is worse... stabbed
89. Listening to Celine Dion or watching a Barbra Striesand movie? Celine Dion sad
90. Flood or Tornado? Tornado

91. Vegetarian or Omnivourous? Vege
92. Morning Person or Night Owl? Night owl♥
93. Wicca or Christianity? Hmmm... christianity
94. Punk or Hippie? Punk bby smile
95. Democrat or Republican? Democrat smile
96. Chaos or Quiet? Both
97. Cats or Dogs? Dogs... both
98. Working Hard or Hardly Working? ATM.... hardly smile
99. Pen or Pencil? Pencil!
100. I-Pod or Cd Player? I-pod all the way smile ♥♥

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