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ninja Welcome to Beany's Sneeky Journal ninja
Shiznits and Giggles (My old About Me)
I'm Musical Beanbags, but you already knew that. ;D
Age: 9382479283 and a half
Location: Candyland
Gender: Female
Catch phrase: "Poopchute!"
Brain cells: -1

Family time! xD
I Larka I- Mommy!
Maverick_Lightblade- Daddy!
Random Bananans- Sister! :3
Kreet Teerk- Brother! :b
Raven Frostblade: Surprise Aunty! O:

Words of magnificant wisdom told to me:
Maddie, you don't think! O: you... slush your slush around until your slush gets a terrible idea, so it goes to Slush's secretary, the peanut, and the peanut looks over the idea, and it's so terrible that the peanut commits suicide and turns into peanut butter and then your slush eats it's formal secretary for lunch as a peanut butter sandwich, but then he doesn't have any milk so in the end your slush dies of thirst, all because you don't have a brain. and yes this happens everytime you try to think. let this be a lesson to you Maddie, everytime you think, too innocent delicious treats die in the making. Are you proud of yourself?

Most wouldn't understand this, but I find it beautiful. :'D

Shiznits and Giggles~ <3 :

"A Dunken Donuts chapstick IS the cure to a broken heart! Take it!" -Rachel

"Everyone that knows you loves you!!" -Rachel

"BE HAPPY GOD DAMNIT!!" -Rachel... Again. xD

"WHERE ARE THE ******** GIBBLETS?!?!" -Rachel's (and my 2nd) Mom

"Kool-AIDS!!" -Sydney

"I'll slap your a** if you really wanna sell it, Syd." -Me

"Spoon in my butt! SPOON IN MY BUTT!! ...? Oh, wait, just a fork." -Rachel

"Maddie your new name is Delilah.*" "Why?**" "So I can call you Deli! Filled with meat and cheeses~!*" "> -> ...**" "...I MEANT in your TUMMY!!*" -Rachel (*) and Me (**)

"We must... We must... We must get on the bus!" -Rachel

"I love it... *spaces out* ..I love it when.. Your panties, match.. Your.. Hat." -Rachel

"I am LORD!*" "..Hi Rachel**" -Rachel (*) and Me (**)

"Maddie, you're the Seven C's. The Crazy Communist Cricket who loves Captain Crunch Cereal and Cheetos." -Melissa (Murderer)


"Maddie, only your farts are self-conscious." -Rachel

"Oh, we like to fart, and laugh at each other~~" -Rachel's Mom. (I swear we're related)

"Maddie, please stop! It's like you're pouring gasoline into my nose and setting it on fire! My nose hairs!! AHH!!" -Rachel

"I was pretty sure your curtains were graham crackers for a second.." -Rachel

"Don't worry Rachel, it's only because you're too busy being delicious like judge fudge!" -Me

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