1st my finished poems. :

To the lord of darkness,
The lord of suffering
The lord of torture.

I plead you let my soul go,
To fly freely around the void,
Of freedom,
Of tranquillity.

To the lord of death,
Let my soul run free and everlasting,
Let it flourish,
In love rich soil.

The day my body dies,
The day my soul be planted,
Growing over eternity,
In the soil of the memories.

When finally the tree blooms,
New life shall be reborn,
And I shall be reborn,
In a new body of flesh,
To walk the earth once more.

And the second :
The Wanderer

Upon finding her beaten bloodied body,
Crumpled in a heap on the floor,
Cold as death covering her body,
He fell to his knees in agony for the loss.
Screaming out his anger.
He stood and hunted down her killers.

Years later as he slit the jugular of her last murderer,
His eyes opened to the crime he had committed.
He sought the Light,
And upon finding that the light could not help,
He cursed and destroyed it.

Now treading from battle field to battle field,
Dealing death to all that confront him.
He lives for nothing but a memory,
As he seeks a false redemption for his crimes,
To live with her once again in Paradise.