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I don't consider myself "special" but rather "unique."
Art of my OC Kyo
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• • • Kyo Aizawa

• Age: 17

• Gender: Female

• Sexuality: Heteroromantic

• Height: 5"1

• Eye color: Brown

• Hair color: Brown / Dark Brown with a hint of orange / reddish tints ( see image above )

• Weight: 98 lbs

• Birth Date: January 2nd

• Hobbies: Playing pranks, Kickboxing, Running, Climbing trees, Playing the guitar, Listening to music, Playing video games, Reading manga, Cloud watching

• Likes: Playing pranks ♥ Cool Nights ♥ Ramen ( ohmygod ; A ; ) ♥ Coffee ♥ Chocolate ♥ Basketball ♥ Track ♥ Fun/Extreme Things ♥ Haunted Houses ♥ Video Games ♥ Playing her guitar ♥ Roller coasters ( hell yeah ! ) ♥ Snowboarding

• Dislikes: Extremely Hot Weather ✘ Losing ✘ Needles ( shut up ... ) ✘ Boring Days ✘ Clingy People ✘ Two-Face People ✘ Attention Whores ✘ Being looked down on ✘ Anyone that insults / hurts Kousuke ✘ Being bossed around

• Personality: Cocky, proud, and reckless can best describe Kyo. She can be aggressive and stubborn at times but underneath her "rough and tough" exterior, she's actually a very sweet and kindhearted girl. There are the occasional moments where her compassion shows through, but it usually doesn't last very long. She is very good at hiding her feelings especially when it comes to her complicated feelings involving Kousuke. You also don't want to rub her the wrong way. She has a very short temper that she will not hesitate to unleash. Kyo is a major tomboy and acts unashamedly towards others and the way they perceive her. She is very competitive and often turns everyday activities into some sort of competition between her and Kousuke.

If a person knew her well enough, they would know that Kyo is an extremely fun and sometimes immature person. She goofs around quite a bit and laughs a lot. She's exciting to be around and is always doing something stupid or extreme. She also has little experience with love. To be exact, when it comes to love, Kyo may be the stupidest person as she has no experience whatsoever. Aside from that, Kyo is stubborn to the core and doesn't take crap from anyone. >B|

Kyo is very blunt and believes it is best to be completely honest, and knows that lies are more painful than the truth. She is straightforward, and can be considered brave, though she acknowledges it as doing what is necessary.

She's more aggressive and hostile towards Kousuke and usually states, "Huuuuh? What was that!? Die!!" "Would you please die Kousuke?" "Go away and die now." Even though this may seem harsh coming from Kyo, this is just her way of expressing her affection. Usually afterwards, she'll apologize and say, "I was just kidding... You musn't die." Without realizing the extent of what those words mean to Kousuke, he will usually respond with a slightly shocked / surprised face and turn his head away to hide his embarrassment.

• Fears / Weaknesses:
- She also hates needles and is terribly afraid of getting shots.
- She can be very impulsive and stubborn at times which is her biggest downfall in certain situations.

• Strengths: physically strong ( kinda like a man kekeke .. ), very agile and fast for someone her size

• Outfits: Refer to image. She wears a baggy dark purple tank top with black baggy designer jeans and black converse. Her outfits consist of mostly guy clothes and would never be caught in any type of girl clothes. You can even put her in a butlers outfit. She'd look way better in that than a dress anyway .. ( Kyo: Hey! >B| )

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