After she and Aku and Aku's mother worked on a perfect dress for Ayumi's wedding they took a break.They all let out a long sigh."I.Am.Beat!"Ayumi said."Same.Here."Aku said.When ever they said somthign for the rest of that day they always had to pause to take in a breath.After the long and restless afternoon Ayumi went home and went to bed early.
Day after another Ayumi grew more excited that her wedding day was coming soon.
The wedding day.............
redface "OMG!!! I can't calm down i'm so nervous!!!!"Ayumi admitted.She was kind of shaky."Stop you're going to wear yourself out!"Aku said."Ok,"Ayumi said and stopped.Ayumi's dad finally walked in."Daddy!You made it!!"Ayumi said happily."Of course i would make it sweetie i wouldn't miss it for the world!"Her dad said.Ak got ready because she was the bridesmaid.Finally it was time.Her dad walked her down the aisle.Finally Ayumi took her spot in front of Prince Ryo. redface She blushed.Prince Ryo whispered somthing to Ayumi that she couldn't hear though. It was her que "I,"Ayumi said happily staring into Prince Ryo's eyes."Prince Ryo?"The person said."I do,"Prince Ryo said as her stared at Ayumi."You may kiss,"The person said.Prince Ryo kissed Ayumi.Everyone started cheering.It was teim to throw the bonquet.Ayumi threw the bonquet up in the air.It landed into Aku's suprising hand.A guy moved toward her.He hugged her and gave her a kiss on the forward.Ayumi didn't know that Aku had a boyfriend.