this is not about me...tis just a story

i tell you now, its not much fun being a mute.
you get people purposfully asking questions, knowing that you cant answer. teasing you until a normal person would scream. but if i screamed, i wouldnt make a single sound. i never have, and i never will.
and thats why i am writing this all down instead, and then atleast someone will find out. find out about my oast, my present, my possible future. whoever reads this will be in tune with my deepest desires, my darkest secrets, and my unknown ambitions.
but i think im beginning to get ahead of myself.
maybe i should start with a proper introduction.
well then, my name is Danny. yes i am aware that it is more of a boys name than a girls, but there is nothing i can do about the way my mother named me. i think im 18, but ive never really found out. never really wanted to know. when you live like i do, the days just seem to melt into one another.
lets see, um, my family.
my mother died when i was 7, my father was never around. i never met him, and from what ive been told, i dont think i ever want to. before i was born, he beat my older brothers to death.
after that he moved onto my mother. she was already bordering on suicidal from the murder and was going into a type of shock. but that didnt stop my father.
but, instead of a beating, she was raped. a few days later, my father vanished from the face of the earth. and 9 months later, i was born...

to be continued