Oh em gee. A journal entry! xD

Hallo, everyone, 'tis me Amber. I was hacked by the person known as Kiki Assistant Team (whom got banned at last!) and I'm back here on a new account. Everything has been just fine now, my old friends are helping me get back together.

I've made some new friends too! -Hugs everyone on the very right of her profile- heart They're all very lufferly people. 8D You should send them and all the other people on my profile nice comments! xD I'd sure it would make a pleasant day for 'em, hm? ^///^

Anyway, I'm just waiting for Ur_Angel18 to get on again. (: I'm really excited for her because she's going to get some gaia cash cards to finish up her gorgeous avatar! C: I'm also just floating around waiting for the Chinese food we ordered.

I'mma getting Wonton soup and shrimp fried rice. Yumyum. xD

I'll update back in a bit. -waves-