A poem I wrote during my cousins' nap time. Also because we are at the beach and in a hotel. Hope you enjoy it.

Life is like the ocean,
full of waves of every size.
The salty water like a bitter feeling,
of losing an important someone.
The roar of the waves,
as it crashes upon the shore,
pulling the sand in by force like hurting the heart.
It was stormy,
that's for sure
as the roar of each wave,
like cries for help.
Slowly killing a heart,
slowly killing a soul,
very slowly,
a bitter feeling,
the saltly feeling,
of the ocean life
that eats away everything when it's angry.

when the storm is over,
a warm feeling flows through.
That breaks the pain,
the sorrow,
the suffering
of a person.
The waves slowly sings a song,
the softed the most evil
and the badest of the sea.
Even when the sand was force to go,
they end up in a safer place,
beneath the ocean,
the waves,
the light,
into the dark,
that little grain of sand,
wrapped in the warms arms of a safe place,
like a warm person.
The ocean life it is.

Life is like the ocean.
When it's mad,
it's rough,
enough to kill,
to demolish everything that everyone have made.
It killed every loving thing.
When it's happy,
it's a warm blanket that wraps everything in it.
Like warm arms of a kind person.
It protects eveyone,
keeping everything warm,
from the largest whale,
to the smallest of sand.
Ahhh yes,
the ocean,
the life,
life is like the ocean,
what a painful yet.........
beautiful life it is.