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Momo go rawr.

Community Member
ok.. so my so called friend brooke.


She has been having a tough time lately though...
Her dad left her mom, and left them with NO money, no house.. nothing..
They have no insurrance.. no car. [ their borrowing one of my dads cars, he has tons lol ].
Her and her mom are always asking me and my mom for money.. constantly.
and that`s ok I guess because they need it, but my moms getting annoyed because her mom can never seem to keep a job...

For the past week brooke has been leaving me and hanging out with this dude that she says isn`t her bf...that is like 8 years older than her [ she`s 16 ]..
I was like w/e but kinda hurt because he always seemed to be more important..
For a while I haven`t heard much of her.. and she wouldn`t answer her calls.

Her mom called yesturday and was on the phone with my mom for a loong loong time.I found out that Brooke had sex with that guy..and ended up in the hospital because she had an infection in her bladder/va jay jay.. and she almost lost her bladder...
Brookes mom found out obviously that she had sex and had gotten stds.. and brooke was all pissed because she said the guy so called raped him... she said that it was really hurting her and she told him to stop but he said... somethin like its ok its sapposed to hurt a little. But the first time wasn`t the onley reason she was hurting.....it was because she was sick... but yeah[ i bet that was wierd talkin about that to lisa but ok lol ]
Her mom was about to flip out she was all stressed and she always seems to go to my mom to throw all her problems on her lol, so she came to our house early this mornin and her mom was all cryin and stuff.....
and brooke was still in the car and I got her to come out and come up to my room... and she didnt talk for a while...
and I was like.... sorry he hurt you... I told you, you shouldn`t be hangin out with him.. and she got all pissed... and went out of the room and slammed the door..

I ran after her and she went into the bonus room. My mom and hers was talkin and her mom was all mad that brooke was bein stupid, and my mom was all like "maybe its because she misses her dad" lol.. yeah my moms not any help at all..
Brooke like blew up and she was all like... it`s not fair.. why do I have to go through all this Momoko has had sex like 4 times and shes fine...
My mom and hers were like.. what?
I think my face got red or something, but i was so mad.. I was like.. psht.. no.... i wouldnt... do that...


I went upstairs and I gave brooke the meanest look.. So, yeah I went throught the bonus room which was connected to my room to listen to their convo.. [ i tend to do that alot, lol] and lisa was all like, did you know this Carol?... She`s like no.. brooke is this true..
She said.. yes D:<
After I stayed in my room with my head stuffed in my pillow they left after a while.

My mom came up later and said I can`t believe you momoko I thought you were better than that, and I even thought you were a good example for brooke since she seems to be lost at the time. She said were gonna talk about this when my DAD GETS HOME... wtf.. .I`m 17 I can do whatever its my body.. atleast I didn`t get ******** up by some 23 year old....
She also said she`s gonna be watching over me and jo..

Faggy brooke...... I`ll never forgive her..

i just had to let that out.. im so pissed. evil

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