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Welcome to Hell
I jump back barely dodgeing the blow from it's claws. "A little help over here!" I scream.
"I'm a little busy" Kelen say and she ducks and dodges.
"Same over here John!" I hear Ben yell back.
"How about you Anural?" I say as I dodge yet another blow from the phyco beast.
"What did I say about calling me that!" she screams as the mutters a spell under breath to heal her injuries.
"Great so I get no help with this thing?!"
"Stop whining you big baby we have dealt with more viciouse beast back in the last world."
"FINE, ill just end this then. Being the leader it is my job" I say laughing
"Whoa Whoa Whoa, who said you wer-... DAMN beast!" I hear Anural yell.
I mutter a short spell under my breath and spit on the beasts face. Before it can whipe away its confusion the spit turns to acid and burns through to it's savage brain, killing it instantly.
I check out the situation, 2 left with Anural unconciouse.
Ben quickly dives out of the way of the larger beast and sumersaults onto its back. "Die you ugly beast!" he says as he twist the monsters neck back and forth.
"As I watch the beast throws him off and I put a barrier under ben to stop him from falling off the 5 story building. "Nice one Macho man"
" Shutup John!" He says as he crams his fist into the other beasts back using magic to pierce the skin.
"Oh s**t weres the other one!" I say as I see look to find it missing.
"Get off of me!" I hear Kelen scream from below.
I look over the edge of the building see the beasts arms raped around her, with her strugling under its weight. "Having trouble with the dead one more then with a live one eh?"
"Shutup John" She says Gasping, and then finally rolling out from under the hairy hand"
"So Ben it dead yet?" I say turning around.
"I don't know i'll poke the damn thing with a stick and find out" he says crouching over the bleeding beast.
"Oh come on." Anural says finally waking up.
"Welcome back sleeping buety" Ben and me say as one.
"Seriously STOP doing that it's so creepy," she complains.
Ben and me quickly look at each other smile. "sorry me lady."
"Screw you guys" She says rubbing her head.

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