The paranormal: ghosts, & spirits, have history that dates back very far, as far as the early 18oo’s. Scientists do not know much about these mysterious creatures. In this paper, you’ll learn more about the paranormal. It is important to understand the history of the paranormal to appreciate it to its fullest.
First of all, I’d like to explain what exactly spirits and ghosts are, since boh of them are entirely different and completely obvious to recognize. One of the main signs of a ghost’s presence is that they will appear to be walking on the same level as we are. Unlike spirits, who will appear to be floating slightly. The reason for this is that the spirits world is about one foot above ours. Although ghosts, on the other hand, will seem to be functioning on the same level as we are, because they actually are.
Bleed-through occur when old history seems to ‘bleed’ through to the present. Bleed-through can often be terrifying and shocking. In a bleed-through, the ghosts or spirits are not actually earthbound, nor are they from The Other Side. They’re simply living a past experience, but we have the chance to see it as it happened. Often the bleed-through will be seen through a window, mirror, or picture. A bleed-through can bring weird smells into the room, weird noises, and weird sightings. It may seem like no big deal, but if this ever happens to you, tell someone. You never know when it can solve a mystery.
Have you ever woken up suddenly, unable to move, like something or someone was pushing down on you? Then you’ve experienced Astral Catalepsy. Astral Catalepsy is when your spirit leaves your body and travels to a place far away, some where that you’ve always wanted to visit, or somewhere that you dream about. There are some points in our sleep cycle when we’re in a light sleep, and some when we’re in a deep sleep. In the point when we are deeply asleep, we can get shocked in consciousness. Sometimes, when this happens, the spirit could be entering or leaving the body, causing the mind to think, “Am I dying?” “What in the world is happening?!”. The mind goes into a shocked and panic state. This is when you feel the sensation that something is pushing you down, restraining you and you feel like you can’t breathe or move.
One Saturday night, at a sleep over, my phone went crazy; moving through contacts, calling people, flipping through messages at a rapid pace. This is a effect of Kinetic Energy. Individual people can be blessed, or cursed, with Kinetic Energy. Kinetic energy is the unintentional, manipulation of non-living objects by no physical contact. The possessor seems to be almost like a force field, simply walking through a room can leave appliances to go crazy, just as my phone did that night. Many scientists believe that Kinetic Energy does not exist, but many do. Kinetic Energy is mostly in children, around the ages of 12, and 13, or older people around the ages of 40-70. It is nothing to be afraid of, for it comes and goes in irregular cycles throughout ones life time.
Now, something that is very important to understand. Many people believe that they are the ones being haunted, in some cases, this is true, but in others, it is not. In most cases, it is the place being haunted by a ghost that has been trapped. Ghosts can simply be trapped by un-finished business. Such as, a loved one left behind, a sin they have made, or maybe they just do not want to leave. Some people find it unlucky to live in one of these haunted houses, although some, such as myself, absolutely adore the fact they’re surrounded by people who are dead. “Why would people be happy to be around dead people?” you may think. Answer is simple, sometimes, being around them can be very interesting and fun. Investigating these strange phenomenon’s can be quite exciting.
Ouija Boards are very dangerous and should never be played with. The word Ouija comes from the French word “Oui” which means “Yes” and the German word “Ja” which means “Yes” also. Ouija boards may seem fun and something that everyone should try, but they are not. Ouija boards can simply threaten, anger, or provoke spirits. Using an Ouija board invites all ghosts and/or spirits in the world; without knowing if they can harm you, and whether they are dangerous or not. In a Ouija board game, participants place their hands on a piece of plastic in the shape of a triangle, that is placed on a piece of wood. The wood will have writing on it, usually the alphabet, the words: “Yes” “No” and “Goodbye” and numbers. The leader should have a piece of paper and pen/pencil/marker to write down the questions asked and the answers given. Candles should be lit and the room should be semi-dark. Never underestimate the power of the Ouija board.
Next time you think about the Paranormal, remember, some things are better experienced first hand than told to. Every creak in the floor, every time your phone rings and no one is on the other end, every time you hear voices or wake up barely able to breathe, know that you’re not crazy, and you’re not alone.

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