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Roleplaying With Asemo
Entries regarding my roleplaying characters. Updating thier backgrounds, stats and general info to sum it all up quickly.
Serenity Yolande + Candace Ashelia Profiles
Character Profiles: Serenity Yolande + Candace Ashelia

----Serenity Yolande----

Character name and Code name: Serenity Yolande "Black Mistress"
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Side (Villian or Hero): Villian
Bio (Optional): Being somewhat of an enigma, Serenity displayed odd supernatural powers at a young age. Often being plagued by ghosts and beings from the realms of the Underworld, she was diagnosed early as being completely mental and was committed to an appropriate facility. Spending the better half of her teenage years in a clinic, she grew angry and bitter towards the world and focused her supernatural powers into a mind blowing explosion, broke free of the clinic and began to terrorise people of the city. Since then she has honed her abilities to control the thoughts and feelings of the dead. Often seen hanging in a cemetary, the newly dubbed 'Black Mistress' works at rising her undead army. Her powers have surpassed normal psychic ability and now allow her to momentarily walk through objects and float in the air, her mind becoming a fine-tuned weapon.
Theme Song (Required): The End Of Heartache - Killswitch Engage
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Other: Serenity prefers to keep a low-profile and often seeks revenge in personal matters and not on a large scale. She is not interested in world-scale domination but aims to be the mortal representation of the 'Mistress of Death.' In her spare moments of rare clarity, she enjoys weaving and is currently working on a pair of parachute pants.


----Candace Ashelia----

Name: Candace Ashelia "Agent 4-17"
Age: 14 and 6 months
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Personality: Throrough, precise and yet suprisingly child-like at times.
Likes: Organisation, guns, gadgets and succeeding.
Story: At a very young age Candace was ripped from her family to participate in an extensive Covert Ops program. Spending 3 years in a science facility, Candace's progress was monitored carefully. At the age of 13, she was handed her first handgun and a number in a long line of child weapon specialist prodigies. Her new name: Agent 4-17. Getting her hands dirty in all sorts of scientific mission work, she is essentially a child mercenary for hire.
Weapon: Standard issue taser gun, her own human body and a double barrel pistol.

Joined New RP! =3
Am currently apart of a new Roleplay.


It's a Heroes and Villains based one. Feel free to join, it's just opened and is still accepting. Heroes most definitely needed.
My character is Serenity Yolande and I really like how she turned out! =]

Genki Asemo
Community Member
Genki Asemo
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