I've been hacked. crying Isn't it horrible?

One day, I tried to log in and it just didn't work. So I requested an email. Guess what? No email. And you know what else? I got suspended! Fifteen freaking minutes! Twice! scream

My friend, Mr. Clint, he checked my profile... I have no clothes . gonk I feel so... so... naked....

So I gave up. Yup. Just gave up. (Yes, I know. I'm lazy. stare ) In a month or so I'll probably get around to messaging the crew and letting them in on my little predicament. But for now, I have this wonderful new avatar! blaugh

And guess what? There's a story to this avatar... (Is it story time, Auntie Jess? Why yes, darling, it is story time! Is it about princesses and unicorns? Um, no. Is it about a prince who saves a lady from a dragon? No. Is it about- NO. Ok...)

Alright, so first of all you should know that I work at a barn. You know, horses and cats. There are a lot of people at this barn, and after working there for several years, I know quite a few of them personally. I'd say we're pretty good friends.

So one day, one of these friends and I were discussing the topic of first borns. We've concluded that mine will be conceived after a Muse concert, thus his name will be Dominic Matthew Christopher -insert last name here-. (Yes, he will have two middle names, and he will be proud. stare )

We've also decided that he will have a passion for all things green, but will decide to die his hair blue. We will begin to question his sexuallity in his twenties.

Needless to say, we have odd conversations at the barn. xd

That, my friends, is how my new avatar came to be.