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Yuriakashu's Scrolls A journal with my insanity as a bonus.

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A Note About Word Bump
Word Bump is fun and all-- recently, I've been getting into it. I have a desent amount of credits and can go to about level twenty-eight before messing up. However, recently, I don't want to play Word Bump (one of the only Gaia mini-games I can play, because, for some weird reason, Fishing isn't working anymore ;_; ). The reason is simply glitches: twice now, I have noticed a glitch, have gotten mad at it, and when it gets really bad, I have to re-start the level. Now, I understand, I guess, that you have to re-start the level, but it annoys me that it re-starts the level after I get one letter up to the top, and by then, I'm almost done with the level. So, I'm not really complaining, it's just would be nice if I could re-start the level at the beginning of the level, not the very, very end.

I've had a bad day today. : P Sorry for being emo.

In other, happier news, I have finally succumed to my desires and have gotten a Tuga Narwhal. I don't like to get Cash Store items (I don't like to buy pixels with real money-- that's why I quit Neopets), so I bought it from the market place just as the price of them were starting to rise. It's a good thing I bought it now, because later, Tuga here might get really expensive. O.O

Also, I made another good purchase by buying that sparkle top. The store now sells the items for 50 gold. : P When I get tired of the top, I might sell it, but I like it a lot (I'm not wearing it now because my avatar would get cold, lol), so that might not happen. It could also be a weapon for mass destruction in Battle with it's sparkles blinding opponents! (see profile to get the joke!)

I've read today the first volume of Chobits (my school's library has a SW33T manga section), and I have to admit, I like it. Sure it's perverted, but you get numb with it after a while, and you stop caring that the start-up button was in the v****a, and that Chi's bust changes a bit every time, and that a girl has an frickin' E-cup while I'm still stuck with an A-cup for pre-teens and I'm not a pre-teen and....

Again, I've had a bad day. This is merely a vent for me. Sorry. : P

So, that's it. I've also have had some friend troubles (my sister says to forget about her, but I say I don't want to, friend is bothing me, I want to tell someone but I really can't, honestly...), but eventually, they'll go away like always. I found out early in my teenhood that it's better just to stop caring and go with the flow (don't get me wrong, I still have many worries, but I have to admit, it takes care of most of them). I do minimum homework to limit stress, I (try) to not worry about weight (or bust) (or butt...), and I (try) to not worry about band.

Oh, which reminds me! I've joined a new guild called Band Nerds (or somethin'). I haven't visited it yet, but I'm happy I'm a member at least. ^ ^

Wow, I've been typing for, like, fifteen minutes-- maybe even twenty!-- in my journal. This must be the most I've ever typed in here. I've tried to keep journals before to vent anger and such, but I write slowly, so this is perfect-- typing, which my hands are made for! Happiness~!

I'll do this again sometime. It feels good! It seriously does!

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