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Whoopsy's Weblog :3 Here I post the drawings that are made for me by the sweetest ppl evah :D and OC's ^^ that i made <3

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Name: Wise
Age: 103 (but she looks like shes 10)
Race: White Fox
Occupation: Ebi Forest Spirit

Hair: Wise has thin long hair going down to her knees with bangs just above her eyes, her hair has a light green pastel colored close to white. To avoid that her hair gets stuck somewhere she pins it up, the pins she uses to pin them up are also her weapons and chopsticks! 8D
Eyes: violet
Skin: White
Height: 150cm
Weight: 110lbs
Build: Wise is short and petite

Clothing style: Wise does wear no actual clothes, but she can be covered up with leafs, her hair or anything else u can find in the forest that covers up a lil.

Extra Notes:
* Wise wears a sacred talisman of the Ebi forest
* Wise likes to make asseccoires out of leafs, like headbands etc.
* Wise has 2 big pins in her hair

Wise is a Ebi forest spirit, shes clever and kind to the ones who deserver it, but can be very selfish and egoistic.
Wise used to hate humans because they destroyed the forest where she lives to build a town. Wise used to feel helpless, and was scared alot. Now shes a happy spirit but will always dislike humans. She is spontanous and talk easy to.

Wise has an unknown past, 20 years ago people came to the edge of the Ebi forest to build a village till now they destroyed 1/5th of the forest. Because of that Ebi fled deeper into the forest to stay away from the humans and had to watch how her precious woods vanished little by little. The other spirits came to her to ask her for help
but she to help because she was frightened by the humans, letting her fellow spirits down they disliked her and tried to fix it themselves but did not succeed. As the land died so did the spirits, Wise couldnt live with herself and starting turning her against herself, she forbid herself to never help humans again. Until one day a little boy appeared in the forests being lost, Ebi wanted to kill the little boy first but saw the innocence in the child and brought him back to the village, the people
there were her thankful but she refused to accept it, instead of that she treatened the humans to not destroy any more woods of the forest. The humans got scared by the treatening and promised her they wouldnt do it anymore. She happily returned to the forest until the next generation of the humans took over the leadership in the village, they started destroying more woods and the forest grew smaller. Wise got furious and killed their current major with the warning that if they continued she'll take the people who lived there down. The humans didnt care at all and simply continued.. hundreds of the people who lived there got killed in Wise's anger and the village, they stopped
building and it stayed like that. Wise hoped that it wouldnt happen again and would never see another human in the forest, until then she rested... till when a girl came to the forest, Wise told her to go back but the girl refused to because she couldnt bare living in the village. In first she didnt believe her but soon as time passed they learned to know
each other and became friends. The girl told Wise alot stories about how humans were, how her parents were bounty hunters and her sister took care of her, till her parents died and her uncle took care of her and her sister.

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