Uh! I had to walk home from school today and it was like -25oC!! That is very cold for the underdressed. Right now I'm trying to draw, but it isn't turning out that well. Today I was really sad because one of my really good friends, Aisha, is moving to North Dakota. Whats really hard about that, is that shes scared of going to America. Shes scared they might call her a terrorist and stuff, so I'm worried for her. I know that only a small portion of Americans are racist, but even that small part can really hurt her, so I'm hoping she'll remain optimistic about the move! She loves Obama, so I guess she can say "I'm in the country of the greatest public speaker of our time!" , cause thats what I would do. Well... I'm not good with these journal thingys, same on deviantart, so I'll leave it at that.

Currently listening to : Ben Lee - Catch my Disease (4suuree xD)