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Justin Law: Anime vs Manga
Note: This entry is for my profile, and it's purely for information. You may comment on it with questions, or corrects, etc, but this is mainly a informational journal entry to clear up issues with the Anime and Manga. Thank you!

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The differences between

Justin Law has two versions, so to speak, of himself. One, a good side, and the other obviously a bad side. But where does this come into play? Which version is correct? Is he really good? Or really bad?

To be honest, if you follow by the true Soul Eater manga plot line, he is evil. If you follow the Anime only, he never turns evil and his plot never derails into utter chaos. In both retrospects, each side is correct. Because of this glaring discrepancy in which side should be followed by fans, it's safe to say that either version of Justin Law is technically correct.

Where did it all change? Well, to be honest, one has to look back at the plot lines of both the Anime and the Manga to decipher where exactly the shift in his path came in.

The Anime relatively stayed spot on with Justin Law from the beginning. It faithfully adapted his quirky persona. Episode 25 is where he was first introduced, and he was seen, again, in episode 27 in the fated clash against his soon to be recognized arch-enemy, Giriko Sou. Everything that made Justin Law who he was, in the Anime, kept up until after the BREW episodes (the fight for BREW episodes started around 34 and only lasted about three or so episodes).

Episode 42 started the infamous assault on Baba's castle/fortress. THIS is the pitted moment that things changed for Justin. This is where the Anime and Manga drift apart majorly. Because of this moment, two Justin Laws were born: one good, one bad. There is no right or wrong version to him. In the Anime, Justin worships Shinigami-sama and works for Shibusen. In the Manga, he worships Asura the Kishin and works for Noah and his group. There just isn't a wrong answer to this debate.

Anime version of Baba's assault:

Justin is seen moving through the forest in an attempt to get to the Arachnophobia forces and defeat as many as he could. With bodies (dead, or not) lying around his feet, he moves on. Of course, this is where he encounters a row-- no, more like a soldier mass-- of Golems lined up. Giriko was leading them, giving them orders. By using his Law Abiding Silver Gun attack, Justin eliminates all the Golems in a neat, single filed fiery blast.

Giriko, seeing who destroyed his created forces, becomes consumed in wrath. Instantly they clash, fighting (off and on) for about the length of two episodes. Law even takes the moment to terrify Sou, telling him of how he was alone, and that Shibusen forces were closing in on him. Ticked off more, Giriko starts the fighting again, lashing out with all he's got.

After winning, again, Justin watched as Giriko ran away, as per usual. Satisfied that he had scared the man off, he returns, several episodes later, in the Death Room. There, he kneels in front of a wounded Shinigami-sama, paying his respect to him and being there for any orders, like any faithful Priest would for his God.

The last time we honestly see Law, in the Anime, besides standing with the others in the Death Room would be during the credits. The only clue to what he's doing after the Anime... comes in the form of him driving through the Nevada desert in his custom dunebuggie. That was it. Game over for Justin Law. We never knew what happened to him, and just like the minor character he was, he disappeared without a trace (despite his loud music giving him away!).

(Check another entry for his Anime plotline history~!)

Manga version Baba's assault:

There is no fight in the woods. There is no army of Golems there to destroy the Shibusen forces. There is nothing at all LIKE that. The whole fight in the Anime baffled me. Where the heck did that come into the Anime maker's minds? Well, to be fair, I have to point out that the Anime was being forced to end, due to lack of material, and the Manga's chapters for the Baba castle siege were JUST wrapping up. Still, there wasn't a hint of a battle in the forest, even in the beginning chapters.

Giriko, obviously not in the forest, was instead getting drugged to a nice sleep after being sexually aroused by the Thompson sisters. They had dressed as maids, and had acted as, well, spies of a sort. They were infiltrating to get to Kid. Giriko was in the way, so what do they do? Use cunning a wit.

Giriko later wakes up from his sleep induced drug fest, and he crawled around, bewildered. During his sleep, the Arachnophobia forces had been crushed. The ENTIRE place was in shambles. Sitting down, wondering what happened, and realizing they had lost, Giriko was in shock.

That's when Justin shows up, with a newly reconstructed Clown, standing behind him. Giriko, realizing who the traitor was in Shibusen, looks up at him as the young Priest offers him to join his crew. Giriko accepts.

(See another entry for his current Manga plotline~!)

Which version of Justin Law do I represent?

I portray both sides of Justin. Some days, if you RP with me, I may lean more towards the sweet, slightly clumsy but benevolent side of him. On other days, I'll embrace the evil side of him and my RPs, and avatar changes, will reflect that. It's always good to let me know which version of Justin Law you prefer before starting RPs.

Since I know there are two version of him out there, I basically embrace both kinds. I don't think it's fair. You can't have one side of Law without know the other side.

Differences in personality

There are subtle, but clearly obvious, changes to his personality in both the Anime and Manga.

Anime: In the Anime, with his "good" version, he was very aloof and reserved. His quirky traits came in his comical moments, in which he was usually used as a pratfall comic relief character to break the tension played out in some scenes. He is happy, it seems, but has a hidden dark side. His rage comes in his cold and stoic side during battles. This is shown when his eyes go completely black, seconds before lashing out with a volley of attacks.

Over all, his Anime version is very quickly, upbeat and highly religious. He plays on the "faith" card, and focuses all his work towards the good of protecting people and towards fulfilling his God's every orders.

He is benevolent, and kind. Soft spoken, he rarely speaks up around the other Deathscythes, unless he has a question. However, around strangers or even his God he talks in a loud, almost crying out voice. He seems a little spacey, though.

Manga: The Manga started off just like the Anime, but it was soon apparent that his personality had dramatically changed. He became more stoic, more cold. His comments more chiding now, he seems pompous and extremely egotistical and self confident in his abilities.

Law also seems much more rude and crass, even insulting Marie, the Demon Hammer Deathscythe, back during chapter 61, page 23,. He insults her that, "Deathscythe or no, a mere woman's power cannot [hurt me]". Normally, Justin would refrain from any comments such as that, but since he had converted and become evil, he was suddenly adapting a prideful, pompous ego.

He's mocking of Death the Kid, as well. Chapter 63, page 28, shows where he has little to no regard in anyone he had once befriended. He easily mocks Kid as he's literally bound up, saying that he should "learn to go with the flow", implying he should easily just give up.

He also has a sadistic, and almost masochistic side of him that shows up. During Chapter 65, page 30-31, Kid is seen being brutally beat up by Gopher. However, standing outside of the room Kid has been kept cooped up in, is Justin. He's standing there, popping out his headphones and simply taking in the almost rythmic sounds of the beating. He considers it akin to his music.

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