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my entries^______^rock on peoples
i'm gonna write about whatever i wanna write about, im bout to get a scanner and im gonna put my art on contest, so peoples ROCK ON, I COMMANDS YOU TO!!!!!!!!!!!............ :D :D :D
wtf talkshow
me surprised k this is tess, but i changed meh name to lynne, nettie and i got into a fight so were not friends anymore, oh and jack and me arent going out anymore savvanah:im taking her place me:savvanah is meh best friend now tyffany:what about me? savvanah:we all love ya tyff me surprised k, well lets say hi to jack, and jack the monkey, and will, and liz, and wow theres lots, ok all the persons from potc, sailor moon, loveless characters, if i spell sobes name wrong which i know i did. jack:can i have some rum??? me:no sobie:hi savvanah:SOBIE!!!!!!! sobie:i dont want you i have ritsuka serena:so you admit it now yuiko:WHAT YOU HAVE RITSUKA!!!! DIE SOBIE savvanah biggrin IE YUIKO yuyoi:YUIKO ILL SAVE YOU!!!DIE SAVVANAH me:and obviously no one likes yuyoi yuyoi:ur mean me:so!! i let u on the show tyffany:i just noticed shane is still the camera guy me surprised k lets get ur ex off the show tyffany:yay! me:gos and gets tyffs boyfriend she has right now named nick, and his friend dionte comes to tyff:NICK...YAy ME:TYFF UR STARTING TO SCARE ME TYFF:IM BLONDE SAVVANAH:HELLO BUT BACK TO ARE FIGHT me surprised k everyone:figt..fight..fight..fight..fight yuiko:savvanah is that ur drawing? fighting stops savvanah:yes yuiko:its pretty sobie:runs behind nick, save me me:hahahahahaha savvanah:my vibrater is going off, she pulls out her vibrating cell phone, we got to go now lynne, the tv host person says we have to me:noooo, well good bye the song thats not my name comes on persons that arrived- Lynne..me Tyffany Savvanah Shane..tyffs ex Nick..tyffs current bf Dionte..Nicks best friend Serena..sailor moon Rei..sailor moon Ami..sm Meena..sm Darien..sm Jack Sparrow..potc Liz..potc Gibbs..potc Davy Jones..potc Will..potc Norrington..potc soebi..loveless ritsuka..loveless Yuiko..loveless Yuyoi..loveless

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