Hmmmmm I guess this was just a chance of time
I thought I could stay by your side
I tought I could help you go by.

And something in me told me to stay...
And I was right!
How could my heart ever be wrong?

I don´t need anybody when I´m by your side
´Cause you are there with me always through the night
Keeping a close eye on me.

I gues...
I will never forget you...
Even in times like this,
When I sing frome the heart

You will always be on my side
And I hope I will be on yours
So be my Valentine(x2)

You´re such an angel to me!
I can´t guess why they did those things to you!
I guess I passed through the same things
I guess I understand!

(chorus)+ pleasee pleasee ohohohhh(x2) Be my valentineee

Lol my "first" song...I right more but still this is the first one I´ve riten here